Horses are an investment you want to protect. * Photo from Pexels

5 Things About Equine Insurance

What exactly is equine insurance, and is it something every horse owner should have?

5 Tips for Navigating a Pre-Purchase Exam

According to DeHaan, the purpose of a pre-purchase exam, also known as a “PPE,” is to help a buyer make an educated decision regarding the purchase of a horse. The PPE could shed light on potential issues the horse might face at the time of purchase or in the future.

5 Tips For Getting Your Horse Show-Ready

There’s something about a freshly groomed horse that improves its presence in the show pen and helps make a lasting first impression. Even better, the time you put into caring for your horse’s appearance can pay off by helping you look and feel like a winner, even if you don’t place.

5 Tips About Equine Asthma

The No. 1 non-infectious respiratory disease is equine asthma syndrome, which can present as mild-moderate or severe. If your horse develops either type, it’s going to affect the way it performs.

5 Tips for Equine Sports Recovery

A topic that’s discussed often in human athletics is the importance of recovery days when trying to build strength and muscle. These “rest” days often consist of yoga, stretching and […]