In order to achieve a blisteringly fast fence run that electrifies the crowd and earns credit from the judges, Lyn Anderson focuses on building a horse’s confidence. • Photo by Primo

Comfort Creates Confidence

With a gutsy, go-get-’em approach to every fence run, Lyn Anderson is the epitome of a confident rider. To achieve that, she starts by creating a confident cow horse.
phillip ralls

Fresh & Fit

The key to a seasoned bridle horse’s longevity in Phillip Ralls’ program rests in regular workouts and entertaining exercise.

Shape Shifters

Large arena or small, square on the end or round, these factors can work for or against a cow and rider in reined cow horse classes.
Tylie Norcutt & Soulas Hickory Star

A Family Tradition

Tylie Norcutt wasn’t the first in her family to make the World’s Greatest Youth Horseman finals, but she is the first to take home the champion title.
Veterinarian pulling up an injection.

Joint Injections 101: the How, What & Why

Injecting horses can seem like the miracle cure for lameness, but getting to the root of the issue and selecting the right injection blend can mean the difference between long-term success and short-lived joy.
Mares and foals

Simply Selection Part 2: The Cost of Genetic Diagnosis

For breeders who are focused on producing competitive horses, the initial cost to perform genetic diagnosis may seem high, but it is far outweighed by the expense that accompanies caring for a mare who carries a foal affected by a debilitating disease to term.

Cinch Selection: Choosing the Right Material

Long or short, black neoprene or brown mohair, all cinches have the same purpose — to keep a saddle on the horse’s back. It sounds simple. Yet, cinch selection involves understanding how the cinch can affect the saddle’s position and fit, as well as how the cinch’s material can affect a horse’s skin.