Health Matters: Foal Heat

For most of us, February is the start of breeding season. With a good number of foals already on the ground, mare owners are eager to get their mares back […]
leaky gut syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome

One of the most important equine conditions that you may have never heard of is called Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS).

Leaky Gut Syndrome: A Hidden Danger for the Horse

There are many things in this world we do not know about that will not necessarily hurt us. There are some things, though, that we live with every day truly having no knowledge of that can, and will hurt us, regardless of our ignorance.

Is it Hot Enough for You?

If the heat is getting to you, chances are it's a lot harder on your horse. Knowing what to look for will help keep your horses safe during times like these.

Together & Better For It

When those of us who love horses remain positive and work together, we can do miraculous things to help our equine friends.