Slicker Reunion

I see this print everyday – multiple times a day, even. It hangs on the wall above the printer in the Quarter Horse News (QHN) office in Fort Worth, Texas. As QHN Art Director, I print a lot. But even though I see “Slicker Reunion” so often, I never tire of it. I always see something in it I didn’t see the day before.
SF03 ShooflyGreetingCards

Shoofly, You Can Bother Me Any Time!

It’s a busy season here at the Cowboy Publishing Group offices in Fort Worth, Texas. At Quarter Horse News we’re busy with Futurity season coverage and year-end marketing pushes. It’s been more than a few weeks since I’ve been able to continue my year-long journey through the art here in the office, but something lovely came to me a few weeks and I thought I’d share.
EOTC01 FullPoster

The Evolution of the Cowboy – 1933 Jo Mora

There is a framed poster in the Cowboy Publishing Group office kitchen. This poster has fascinated me from the first moment I saw it. First, it is big! Second, its detail is on a level that can only be described as mind melting, but in a good way. The poster, “Evolution of the Cowboy”, is a second edition of a rodeo poster Uruguayan-born artist Joseph Jacinto “Jo” Mora illustrated for the California Rodeo Salinas in 1933.

No Turning Back: The Art of Veryl Goodnight

I recently had the pleasure of attending a preview party for the new Veryl Goodnight exhibit at the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall-of-Fame. Goodnight will be inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall-of-Fame this fall, and after spending about an hour with some of her works, I can see why.

An Unlikely Artist

Could you imagine finding your life’s calling on the battlefields of a world war? I know I couldn’t. The loud noises alone would send me into a crumpled heap, let alone the bloodshed and having to make the split-second decision to save lives or end them. But one man was able to find his talent and calling during the Italian and North African invasions of World War II.
B01 LittleRoperBronze VMiller

Little Roper

There are a few bronze statues throughout the Cowboy Publishing Group office. One of my favorites is this 1977 piece by Vel Miller. I call him “Little Roper” in my head, because there’s no distinguishing title on the piece and it was the first thing that popped into my head when I first saw the little guy. The entire gesture in this statue is nothing short of whimsical and fun. You can almost hear him hollering out as he slings his rope toward his aim!
HFS01 HeadinForShelter1991 VGS

Headin for Shelter (166/300)

There’s a matted and framed print that hangs in a funny corner of the office, right near the ladies room. It’s a beautiful vertically sized, detailed pencil drawing of a cattle drive. Now, it’s not unusual to find artwork near or in public restrooms, but you don’t usually see pieces that are as engaging and extraordinary as this particular piece happens to be. I remember when it came to live in that little corner; I chuckled to myself thinking such a remarkable piece should be anywhere but near the bathroom. Pieces like this are usually found in grand homes or museums. This print, titled “Headin’ for Shelter,” was one of the first on my list of pieces I wanted to research more when I decided to write these blog posts.
TheWagonBoss CMRussell1909

Wagon Boss

You’d never think it to look at, but the Cowboy Publishing Group office, perched on Montgomery Street overlooking the Fort Worth, Texas, skyline, has an amazing collection of Western art gracing its hallways and offices.


Livestock branding has been a practice for Texas cattlemen since the late 1800s. My in-laws have branded their cattle for five generations. Currently we run an “E” brand, which stands for my mother-in-law’s name, Eugenia. Several times a year we round up new calves and run them through the squeeze shoot/calf table. The calf table makes the process less stressful on all of us, especially because it’s usually just two of us doing the work. That and a good set of sorting pens to separate the calves from their mamas and we rarely have much trouble.

Taking Better Foal Photos

Oh baby, it’s that time of year again! Quarter Horse News has started publishing foal photos, and we’ll continue to print them until July 1. There is always lots of “ooohing and aaahing” when new photos hit our inbox. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love baby pictures, especially gangly legged foals?

As I edited the first batch of foal images this week, it occurred to me, “Why not help our readers get the best shots they can of their babies?” So I’m going to give you a few pointers on how to best capture and send us your foal photos.