Abilene Spectacular Enjoys a Nice Rebound in 2020

When entries for the Abilene Spectacular dramatically dropped in 2019, there was a question of its ability to continue. Were people still game for a mid-sized cutting event so soon after the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity? The question was answered when the entry numbers rolled in for 2020. The show had made thoughtful […]
Rider demonstrating how to use your reins while riding a cutting horse

Get A Grip — Learn How to Use Your Reins While Cutting

If you’re new to cutting or thinking of getting involved in cutting you may have attended some shows or watched some live stream cutting to get a better understanding of the sport. If so, you might be wondering about all the different ways cutters hold and use their reins. Follow along in the video as […]
Quarter Horse News magazine cover snippet

January 15, 2020, Table of Contents — Quarter Horse News Magazine

Features A Life Cast in BronzeThe NCHA Foundation, donors and sculptor Kelly Graham made sure Buster Welch’s remarkable contributions to cutting are never forgotten. By John Henry, Page 76 Catch the DriftWhen horses get off course, Corey Cushing uses this drill to correct their trajectory. By Kate Bradley Byars, Page 80 Unbelievable Cade McCutcheon’s first […]