The NCHA Executive Committee recently weighed in on whether to amend the rules to allow 7-year-old horses to compete in limited age cuttings, which traditional have been restricted to horses ages 3-6. * Photo by Molly Montag.

NCHA Executive Committee Votes on 7-Year-Old Horses in Aged Events

The NCHA has decided if it will allow 7-year-old horses to compete in limited-age event cutting classes.
Dr Steve Allday explaining the functions of an equine joint

Maintain Joint Health for Equine Athletes

It’d be much easier to understand what is going on inside of your horse’s joint if you could see it, right? Using a cadaver leg model, Dr. Steve Allday, is able to actually show what happens within a joint that will lead to joint pain and discusses what horse owners can do to help prevent […]
headstall fit

Slot Ears, Slide Ears & Browbands — Proper Headstall Fit

The common types of Western headstalls are one eared headstalls, which include slot ear, slit ear, and slide ear, and browband headstalls. Either type may be used on trained horses, and it is personal preference which you choose to ride with, but browband headstalls are generally used with snaffles on colts and green horses. […]