Kim Friedman & Electalena * Photo by Waltenberry

Kim Friedman & Electalena shine at TRFAM Non Pro Challenge Qualifier

In the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, amidst the thrill of the Cactus Reining Classic, Kim Friedman and her tenacious equine companion, Electalena (Electric Code x Starlight O Lena x Paddys Irish Whiskey), known affectionately as Frankie, seized the spotlight with a score of 142.5.

This achievement earned them well-deserved accolades and secured their qualification for the esteemed Non-Pro Reining Challenge at The Run For a Million (TRFAM) 2024 event. “The journey began in 2010,” Friedman reminisced, reflecting on her evolution as a rider.

“I embarked on the path of reining, gradually honing my skills under the guidance of dedicated trainers.” With a twinkle of pride in her eyes, she continued, “Frankie has been a revelation, embodying the ideal combination of athleticism, temperament, and partnership. Together, we’ve overcome challenges and celebrated victories, forging a bond that extends far beyond the confines of the show arena,” Friedman said.

Reining non pro riders have a unique opportunity to qualify for The Run For a Million 2024 from September 1, 2023, to July 20, 2024. The qualification process allows riders to participate in their classes at designated host events. Riders are eligible to enter up to three horses in each division. The rider qualifies rather than the individual horse, allowing for flexibility and strategic planning.

It’s worth noting that riders only need to qualify once and aren’t required to compete in the championship on the same horse used for qualification. This system ensures a fair and competitive environment where riders can showcase their skills and earn their place in the prestigious event.

Joining her in qualifying were Denise Dunlap and Jack Luffy.

 Amidst the excitement of their qualification for The Run For a Million, Friedman exuded determination and anticipation.

“This is a dream come true. Qualifying for The Run For a Million is a testament to my team’s hard work, dedication, and unwavering support,” she exclaimed, her voice filled with passion.

“I extend my deepest appreciation to my trainer,” she declared. “Their expertise and guidance have been instrumental in shaping me as a rider and nurturing our partnership,” Friedman said.

 “And to my dear husband and friends, your unwavering support and encouragement have been the cornerstone of my journey. Together, we’ve weathered the highs and lows, celebrating each milestone along the way,” she added.

As Kim Friedman and Electalena embark on the next chapter of their journey, their sights are set on The Run For a Million; they carry with them the hopes of their supporters and the spirit of perseverance, camaraderie, and equestrian excellence.