The American Performance Horseman team banners * Photo by Bee Silva

Teams for The American Performance Horseman 2024 Announced

On January 8 Teton Ridge announced the teams that riders would compete on for The American Performance Horseman 2024. Each rider qualified by being a top earner in their respective discipline in 2023. Five riders from the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA), the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA), and the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) were split onto teams of three with one rider from each discipline. Last year, team Royal Blue won. EquiStat Elite $6 Million Rider Adan Banuelos once again finds himself on the Royal Blue team.

In 2024, Quarter Horse News will be your source for The American Performance Horseman (TAPH) coverage. You can look forward to details about which horses will be heading to the prestigious event and we’ve already released details on the qualified riders. You can also find information about the television broadcast here.

2024 Teams

π—₯π—’π—¬π—”π—Ÿ π—•π—Ÿπ—¨π—˜ – Adan Banuelos – Casey Deary – Clayton Edsall

π—₯π—˜π—šπ—”π—Ÿ π—₯π—˜π—— – Austin Shepard – Cade McCutcheon – Sarah Dawson

π—₯π—”π—–π—œπ—‘π—š π—šπ—₯π—˜π—˜π—‘ – Wesley Galyean – Andrea Fappani – Matt Koch

𝗕𝗨π—₯𝗑𝗧 𝗒π—₯π—”π—‘π—šπ—˜ – Morgan Cromer – Brian Bell – Corey Cushing

π—œπ— π—£π—˜π—₯π—œπ—”π—Ÿ 𝗣𝗨π—₯π—£π—Ÿπ—˜ – James Payne – Jason Vanlandingham – Justin Wright

Qualified Cutting Riders

Click on “Qualified Cutting Riders” to learn more about the riders qualified for TAPH 2024 and the horses they rode to qualify. Soon, we’ll have information on which horse’s they’ll ride at Globe Life Field on March 8.

Last year, three of the same riders were seen at TAPH on cutting horse royalty. Will they bring back the top guns for another year?

Qualified Reining Riders

Click on “Qualified Reining Riders” to find out a little more about these riders who have almost $20 Million in NRHA rider earnings between the five of them.

Qualified Reined Cow Horse Riders

Click on “Qualified Reined Cow Horse Riders” to find out more about the riders who qualified in the NRCHA. There were some last minute changes to the standings for qualification in this discipline.