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SHTX Expands World Show and Derby Schedule

The 2023 Western Horseman Stock Horse of Texas World Championship Show and Ordner Insurance/ American Reliable Insurance Derby hit record number of entries for both the World Show and Derby. Compared to horses entered in 2022, there are 98 more horses entered in 2023, and 750 entries over last year’s then-record. Due to the increase, revamping the schedule was necessary, including eliminating paid cow practice and adding to the first day’s competition.

The association had already planned to have Open, Intermediate and Level 1 Novice riders compete on Wednesday, October 25, but now Junior and Non-Pro riders are also showing Wednesday afternoon. This change will help alleviate showing into the wee hours of the morning, and keeping the fun atmosphere SHTX is known for. 

“The decision was not taken lightly. Several factors went into this change, and after comparing when these division riders had planned to arrive, the least impacted competitors to show on Wednesday were the Junior and Non-Pro riders,” said Stock Horse of Texas President William Lewis. “It may prolong the time riders are competing, but we have more than enough fun activities planned for the entirety of the show.”

If stall changes are needed, there will be a link in the stockhorsetexas.org online store to add nights to stalling reservations. All stall reservations are due on Friday, October 13.

The huge increase in entries resulted in the decision to not hold paid cow practices on Wednesday, October 25. 

“Because of the huge increase in numbers we would have only been able to offer a tiny, limited number of paid cow practices. If only a fraction of entered riders would have the opportunity, we decided to be fair to all and therefore eliminate the paid cow practice altogether,” said Jill Dunkel, executive director. “With the elimination of paid practice, there will be more opportunity for general riding in the show arenas. There will also be a flag available to all riders the entire show.”