Cesar De La Cruz and Sugar Lilly Rey in 2020 at the ARHFA World Championships. * Photo by Molly Montag

RESULTS: 2023 ARHFA World Championships

The 2023 American Rope Horse Futurity Association (ARHFA) World Championships were held from October 18 through 21 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in conjunction with the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Snaffle Bit Futurity.

October 18 -21, 2023 | Fort Worth, TX

ARHFA World Championship Open Futurity Heading

Place/ Horse/ AgeSex (Sire x Dam x Dam’s Sire)/ Owner/ Rider/ Score/ $$$

1/ A Painted Sunshine /18G (Second Painted Sign x Miss Freckles Handle x Mr Cross Play)/ Riley Weehler/ Tate Kirchenschlager/ 928.2/ $25,000.00

2/ Reys Sunset /19G (Reys Smokin Dually x Brookstones Sunset x Brookstone Bay)/ A/C Racing/Roping/ Rhen Richard/ 924.8/ $20,000.00

3/ Metallic Hardwood/ 19G (Woody Be Tuff x Metallicalexis x Metallic Cat)/ Kaleb Driggers/ Kaleb Driggers/ 924.2/ $17,000.00

4/ Shake Em Tanquerygin/ 17G (Turnin for Big Chex x Star Shaker x Royal Shake Em)/ K4 Partnership/ Kaleb Driggers/ 920.8/ $14,000.00

5/ Bet Smart Cat/ 19S (Bet Hesa Cat x Smart Chics R Lucky x Elans Play N It Cool)/ Quentin Hall Horses    Andy Holcomb/ 912.7/ $12,000.00

6/ Shes Mischievous/ 18M (Winners Version x Miss Mischievous x Streakin La Jolla)/ A/C Racing/Roping/ Kaden Richard/ 912.0/ $10,000.00

7/ Myrichcousinvinnie/ 19G (One Fine Vintage x Miss Catty Cash x Nu Cash)/ Rick Twisselman/ Andy Holcomb   / 909.7/ $8,000.00

8/ Bonny Freckles T 4/ 19M (Freckles Ranger x Ima Bonnie Girl N 4 x Twisselena)/ Bart/Tana Hutton/ Billie Jack Saebens/ 907.5/ $6,000.00

9/ Stylin Bill/ 19G (Stylin Cat x Billie Sue Canoso x Little Canoso)/ Relentless Remuda/ Miles Baker/ 907.4/ $4,000.00

10/ Five Bars Of Gold/ 19S (Five Bar Cartel x Shinning Gold Cody x Codys Shining Spark)/ Lauren Farran/ Jordan Allyn/ 905.5/ $3,500.00

11/ Sweeet But Psycho/ 19M (Catty Hawk x Gar Bella Lena x Duals Blue Boon)/ Ben Jordan/ Coy Rahlmann/ 904.4/ $3,000.00

12/ Johnnys Lil Cash/ 17S (Lil Joe Cash x Joses Little Uno x Pale Face Jose)/ M Bar W LLC/ Dustin Rogers/ 903.3/ $2,500.00

13/ CR California Tuff/ 17M (Woody Be Tuff x Cee Dee Royal Tee x CD Royal)/ Kaleb Terlip/ Clay Logan/ 903.1/ $2,500.00

14/ Once N Done/ 19G (Once in a Blu Boon x Smartest Shadeoflena x Smartest Chicolena)/ Kaleb Driggers/ Andy Holcomb/ 902.6/ $2,000.00

15/ Flat Baroquenbama/ 18G (Bamacat x Flat Baroque x Peptoboonsmal)/ Wesley Thorp/ Wesley Thorp/ 901.7/ $2,000.00

16/ Betn On a Hickory/ 19G (Bet Hesa Cat x Lil Hickory Haida x Bobs Hickory Rio)/ Shank Edwards/ Jojo Lemond/ 900.9/ $1,500.00

17/ SJR Diamond Bond / 18S (CD Diamond x ARC Its Go Time x One Time Pepto)/ A/C Racing/Roping/ Rhen Richard/ 900.0/ $1,500.00

18/ Golde Rush/ 19M (First Down Dash x Bovet x Corona Cartel) Relentless Remuda/Solo Select Horses/ Miles Baker/ 899.2/ $1,500.00

19/ DT Nu Ace N the Hole/ 18G (Hickory Holly Time x Annies Nu Lena x Nu Cash)/ DT Horses LLC/ Les Oswald/ 898.2/ $1,500.00

20/ Bama Montana/ 18G (Bamacat x Short Candy x Shorty Lena)/ Slick Robison/ Jordan Allyn/ 897.3/ $1,500.00

21/ Satisfyd/ 17G/ (One Time Royalty x Mrs Bay Cat x High Brow Cat)/ Eric/Wendy Dunn/ Cade Rice/ 896.8/ $1,500.00

22/ Lead On/ 19G (Corona Cartel x Charm Dance x First Down Dash)/ Reliance Ranches/ Bobby Mote/ 895.8/ $1,500.00

23/ Red Dirt Legacy/ 19G (Legacy in Lights x Megas Sonic Boom x Marthas Mega Jac)/ Kenneth Atkinson/ Clay Logan/ 890.9/ $1,500.00

24/ Cowboys Hired Gun/ 19S (Hired Gun x Cowboys Shining 912 x Seven S Toronado)/ Maysa Kendrick/ Clyde Bolejack/ 890.9/ $1,500.00

25/ Three Xs the Magic/ 19S (WR This Cats Smart x Smoke N My Wranglers x Wranglers Starlight)/ Lacy/Wyatt Bourdet/ Andy Holcomb/ 683.2/ $1,500.00

ARHFA World Championship Open Futurity Heeling

Place/ Horse/ AgeSex (Sire x Dam x Dam’s Sire)/ Owner/ Rider/ Score/ $$$

1/ Sevens Star Glo/ 17S (CSR Dual Glo x Sevens Tootsie Time x Hes Dun His Time)/ Marshall S Wier/ Cade Rice/ 938.9/ $30,000.00

2/ Metallic Payday/ 17S (Metallic Cat x Another Playgirl x Freckles Playboy)/ Kaleb Driggers/ Dakota Kirchenschlager/ 929.8/ $25,000.00

3/ The Notorious B I G/ 18S (CD Lights x Dt Sugar Chex Whiz x Shiners Lena Chex)/ Southern Ranches/ Billie Jack Saebens/ 928.4/ $20,000.00

4/ Nu One Time Blues/ 19S (One Time Pepto x Nu Bay Be Blue x Nu Cash)/ Premier Rope Horses/ Joseph Harrison/ 927.9/ $17,000.00

5/ Canteburys Cherrey/ 18G (Cantebury Cat x Cherrey x Dual Rey)/ J D/Lindsey Mcgure/ Hunter Koch/ 926.7/ $14,000.00

6/ Time to Glo/ 19S (Hickory Holly Time x Look At Her Glo x CD O Cody)/ Bobby Lewis/ Joseph Harrison/ 925.6/ $12,000.00

7/ Df Bet Hesa Legend/ 18S (Bet Hesa Cat x Gunna Be a Legend x Little Lenas Legend)/ Patrick Gideon/ Billie Jack Saebens/ 925.2/ $10,000.00

8/ Probably Smart N Nu/ 19G (Smart Nu Shiner x Probably Red Buck x Two Eyed Red Buck)/ Chris Sutton/ Daniel Reed/ 922.7/ $8,000.00

9/ Isaacs First Cody/ 19S (Isaac Starlight x Sur Fine to Shine x Codys Shining Spark)/ Ryan Fowler/ Paul Eaves/ 922.0/ $6,000.00

10/ Smoke N Duals/ 17M (Dual Spark x Codys Smoke x CD O Cody)/ Sue Sancken/ Joseph Harrison/ 922.0/ $4,500.00

11/ CR Better Be Tuff/ 18G (Woody Be Tuff x Calie Del Rey x Dual Rey)/ Darren/Tara Johnson/ Paul Eaves/ 919.8/ $3,500.00

12/ CR Pepto Tuff Lena/ 19G (Woody Be Tuff x CR Catalena Cat x High Brow Cat)/ Kr Partnership/ Dakota Kirchenschlager/ 919.1/ $3,000.00

13/ Pepinstep/ 18S (One Time Pepto x Better Sue x Bet On Me 498)/ Theorem Ranch/ Colby Lovell/ 918.9/ $2,500.00

14/ The Darkk Side/ 19S (Once in a Blu Boon x DT Sugar Chex Whiz x Shiners Lena Chex)/ The Darkk Side Syndicate/ Trevor Brazile/ 918.2/ $2,000.00

15/ Im Betting Its On/ 17S (Bet Hesa Cat x Little Bunny Fou Fou x Meradas Money Talks)/ Amy Lund/ Jojo Lemond/ 918.1/ $2,000.00

16/ SS Platinum Cat/ 19G (Platinum Vintage x Cat Can Boom x Boomernic)/ Kollin Vonahn/ Kollin Vonahn/ 918.1/ $1,500.00

17/ Miz Bama/ 18M (Bamacat x CD Miss Moonshine x Cats Moonshine)/ Johnryon Foster/ Paul Eaves/ 917.3/ $1,500.00

18/ The King N Diamonds/ 17G (Whizkey N Diamonds x Miss Catty Cash x Nu Cash)/ Cassie Silveira/ Cade Rice/ 916.2/ $1,500.00

19/ Cashing N My Diamond/ 18S (Time for the Diamond x Aces N Hollywood x Aceenthehole)/  Mark Beck/ Andy Holcomb/ 915.9/ $1,500.00

20/ Wooden It Be Time/ 17S (Hickory Holly Time x Gay Wooden Heart x Doctor Wood)/Bogart Performance Horses/ Casey Hicks/ 915.2/ $1,500.00

21/ Jonez Gota Shiner/ 19G (Travelin Jonez x CCR Sparkling Rose x Shining Spark)/ Junior Nogueira/ Junior Nogueira/ 914.1/ $1,500.00

22/ Xtra Ruby Slippers / 17M (Wimpys Little Step x Ruby Chic Olena x Smart Chic Olena)/ Junior Nogueira/ Junior Nogueira/ 913.6/ $1,500.00

23/ Not White At All/ 19G (Not Ruf At All x Snappy Lil Spook x Smart Spook)/ Relentless Remuda/ Trevor Brazile/ 908.6/ $1,500.00

24/ Heavenly Catt/ 17S (Catty Rey x Heavenly Reys x Dual Rey)/ Jeremy Buhler/ Jeremy Buhler/ 691.5/ $1,500.00

25/ Rufs Gunner Man/ 17G (Not Ruf At All x Gunners Snappy Chic x Colonels Smoking Gun)/  Dilon Mosley/ Gus Mosley/ 685.9/ $1,500.00