Langston Pattillo was the winner of the 2019 Bill Freeman Award. He received the trophy at the NCHA Futurity. • Photo by Video West Productions.

EquiStat 5-Year Leading Amateur Cutting Riders, Horses, Owners & Breeders

These are the top 5 horses, riders, owners and breeders based on their amateur cutting earnings recorded in EquiStat from Jan. 1, 2018 to Sept. 26, 2023. Money attributed to a rider in these statistics is the money that particular rider won during the time frame in that respective discipline. Money earned in closed incentives not open to all riders is excluded.

This statistical review contains information that was compiled, researched and tabulated by EquiStat, a division of Morris Equine Group which tracks the earnings of performance horses regardless of registered breed or show association. EquiStat information includes but is not limited to breeding records, performance records, magic crosses and rider earnings. To subscribe and see the full list (top 100) click here.

The contents and statistics in this edition of QHN Insider Stats are copyrighted 2023 by Quarter Horse News.

Amateur Cutting Horses

Horse/Earnings/YOB/Sex/Pedigree/Rider(s), $/Owner/ Breeder

1.DUREYNGO KID $221,369

(14G) (Reys Dual Badger x Hissy Cat) John Rockey Sr, $128,649; Justin Rockey, $92,720; Justin Rockey, Weatherford, TX; Jennifer & Jeffrey Foland, Weatherford, TX

2.HIGH STYLIN CD $161,993

(13G) (High Brow CD x Stylin Playgirl) Langston Pattillo, $161,993; Dacole Investment Company, Reno, NV; Sunrise Ranch LLC, Fayetteville, AR

3.SWEET TOOTHE $156,415

(15G) (Kit Kat Sugar x One Sweet Sis) John Rockey Sr, $89,124; June McGee, $64,574; Madison McGee, $2,717; June McGee, Granbury, TX; Kelsey Johnson, Weatherford, TX

2. DUAL PRIME TIME $155,510 (14G) (Dual Rey x Prime Time Kat) Corrie Rousey, $155,510; Corrie Rousey, Weatherford, TX; Jerry Durant, Weatherford, TX

3.DUAL CAT PEPTO $146,210 (15G) (Dual Rey x Swiss Cat Pepto) Mike Flashman, $104,482; Debra Flashman, $41,728; Mike & Debra Flashman, Lincoln, CA; Jeff & Margaret McCoy, Weatherford, TX

Amateur Cutting Riders

Rider/Earnings/Location/Top Performers, $


Fort Worth, TX – DMAC Piccolo Pete, $73,989; DMAC Open Carry, $52,942; Desires Chromed Cat, $38,148; Pharoah And James, $32,924; DMACs Pink Martini, $27,840


St Elmo, IL – High Stylin CD, $161,993; Dualin Smooth Legacy, $59,138; Metallic Jake, $22,362; Miss Lacey, $19,298; Kit Cat Kisses, $14,732

3.CORRIE ROUSEY $290,053

Weatherford, TX – Dual Prime Time, $155,510; Stop Toying With Me, $41,821; WR This Playgunsmart, $34,116; Swing Thru The Drive, $23,649; The House Is Rockin, $14,946

4.VON SUTTEN $264,691

Weatherford, TX – Superey, $47,580; Knicks N Lakers, $40,383; Nu Metallic Silk, $36,747; Love Byrd, $27,712; Dapper Cat, $26,507

5.GARY BARKER $249,888

Madill, OK – Baby Talk, $51,417; Exs N Ohhs, $46,751; Smooth Nu Cat, $36,255; Second Spot, $33,965; Moonshine Talks, $19,266

Amateur Cutting Owners

Owner/Earnings/Location/Top Performers, $


Fort Worth, TX – DMAC Piccolo Pete, $73,989; DMAC Open Carry, $52,942; Desires Chromed Cat, $38,148; DMAC Doggfather, $33,634; Pharoah And James, $32,924


Frankton, IN – Metallic Bonus, $69,305; Sweet Lil Prime Time, $62,417; DMAC Commandercowboy, $38,382; DMAC Wide Track, $34,565; R Metallic Jose, $30,759

3.VON & ANDREA SUTTEN $367,715

Weatherford, TX – Wicked Metal, $70,526; Knicks N Lakers, $62,122; Superey, $47,580; Nu Metallic Silk, $37,095; Love Byrd, $27,712


St Elmo, IL – High Stylin CD, $161,993; Dualin Smooth Legacy, $59,138; Metallic Jake, $22,362; Miss Lacey, $19,298; Kit Cat Kisses, $14,732

5.CAROL WARD $325,928

Weatherford, TX – Kausac Kat, $97,761; Crafty With Cows, $69,384; Spooked By A Cat, $61,873; Lil Lou Rey, $26,908; CY Royalty Checks, $16,878

Amateur Cutting Breeders

Breeder/Earnings/Location/Top Performers, $

1.CENTER RANCH $809,806

Centerville, TX – CR Dual Hearted Cat, $49,986; CR Wrs Royal Tee, $42,930; CR Tuff Telecatster, $40,313; CR Dualin Out Tuff, $38,061; CR Tuff Mudder, $34,749


Weatherford, TX – Gotachangeurevilways, $83,388; Lily Von Shtupp, $80,013; A Houston Solution, $71,521; Cat About Houston, $69,002; Pharrel, $41,646


Weatherford, TX – Rissy Cat, $104,234; Looks Like Foxie, $80,224; Badgers Candy, $78,046; Autumn Rey, $64,718; Play Miss Boonsmal, $57,401

4.JERRY DURANT $537,501

Weatherford, TX – Dual Prime Time, $155,510; Sweet Lil Prime Time, $62,417; DMAC Open Carry, $52,942; Swiss Made, $28,051; DMAC Katzalou, $23,798


Glen Rose, TX – A Shoot N Star, $60,144; Sueper Hot, $46,063; HR Classy Cat, $38,364; DMAC Big Talker, $37,792; Hebrews Eleven One (DNA), $37,287