Gabriel Borges and OO7 * Photo By Waltenberry

Gabriel Borges bows to OO7 for a killer 232

The little horse that could, demonstrated the value of a horse with heart and a trainer with faith in his program. OO7 and Gabriel Borges stunned the 100X Level 4 Open Stakes Championship with a breathtaking 232 score.

The 100X Stakes in Tulsa, Okla. provides an opportunity to showcase the industry’s elite four-year-olds that will advance the sport of reining. With $1,500,000 in purse money, the event is currently one of the most significant shows in the discipline. The event pays out 160 different placings, rewarding breeders for their stallions, trainers for their programs and recognizes their impact in growing the exceptional equine genetics necessary for the sport of reining.

The stallion OO7 shares an exceptional partnership with his best friend, Borges. As a consistent performer, Sandy Vargo’s 2019 stallion OO7 has maintained his rank in the NRHA in numerous events. With Borges as his partner, there was no mountain too high for this stallion to climb.

“He’s [OO7] such a special horse and always wants to better himself; I relate to this horse. We always try to learn, and we’re little, but we never give up,” said Borges.

Making the finals, Borges believed it was OO7’s moment in the spotlight. Assessing his preliminary run, he focused on his job and thought OO7 (Gunner Dun It Again x Solidly Spirited x Spooks Gotta Whiz) was eager to give him his best performance.

“It was more about me being accurate than him; he always does his job, and his mistakes are when I get in his way,” said Borges.

Securing their championship with a 232 score and $150,000 in prize money, Borges proved OO7’s talent and heart for the sport of reining. After announcing the scores, cheering fans, and impressed judges, Borges dismounted OO7 and bowed to him. With love for OO7, the journey to this championship and the joy behind it is infinite to Borges.

“I have always believed in this horse; I always knew he could do it and improve. I’m grateful for the opportunity for everyone to see how good he is, and I’m so happy for this horse,” said Borges.

The 100X Open L4 Stakes was no easy class to win though. Close behind was Andrea Fappani marking a 231 on Mic Dropp (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Dun Dry Whiz x Conquistador Whiz), that pair will take home $100,000.

Borges bowed to OO7 after their championship run. * Photo by Waltenberry