Officials say The Run For A Million horse show will be held this year. • Photo by Molly Montag.

The Run For A Million 2023 Sold Out

The Run For A Million Sold Out tickets early in July this year to the Million Dollar Run, the $200,000 Cow Horse Challenge and the inaugural $200,000 Cutting Challenge. The South Point Hotel and Casino was sold out of rooms during The Run For A Million (TRFAM) weekend as early as May 2023.

In response to the overwhelming reservations for the event, TRFAM secured a discounted group rate at The Grandview. Despite the title event being sold out, there will still be plenty to see in Las Vegas if you intend to catch some TRFAM action.

The Run For A Million tickets are only available on Ticketmaster, their website warns not to purchase elsewhere to avoid scams.

The show begins on August 16 with the Bloomer Rookie Championship at 8 a.m. On August 17 the $50,000 Non Pro Championship will also be held in the morning followed by the $200,000 Cutting Challenge in the evening. Then, the $100,000 Open Shoot out and 2024 Million Dollar Qualifier will be Friday morning followed by an afternoon of reined cow horse fence work including the $200,000 Challenge. The weekend will finish out with the Youth Reining Challenge on Saturday morning. The main event will start after the Bull Fighters Only – Fight for $50,000.

Each morning, events are free to the public and anyone can attend. TRFAM Live Festival will also be open to the public daily featuring live music performances in the South Point Arena Exhibit Hall Western Gift Show.

Although there is one qualifier remaining for reined cow horse competitors, all of the cutting and reining participants have already been selected. Check back on Quarter Horse News to find out who they’ll ride on the big day.