• Photo courtesy of Pro Horse Services.

Ordner Insurance and American Reliable Insurance Double Commitment to the 2023 SHTX Derby

The 2023 Stock Horse of Texas (SHTX) Ordner Insurance/ American Reliable Insurance Derby added
money doubled over 2022, now supporting the event with $20,000. The total payout over multiple divisions will exceed $20,000 plus prizes.

The event is open to 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old horses shown by Open, Non Pro and Limited Non Pro competitors during the 2023 Western Horseman Stock Horse World Championship Show scheduled for October 25 through 29, in Abilene, Texas.

“We are excited that Ordner Insurance and American Reliable Insurance saw the value in our Derby, and they were inspired to double the commitment,” said Jill Dunkel, Stock Horse of Texas (SHTX) executive director. “This money will benefit different levels of our competitors, and that is important not only for us as the association but also to the sponsor.”

In 2022, the total Derby payout was $32,300, providing incentives to the Non-Pro competitors and 4-year-olds showing in the Derby. The additional added money aids in providing support to all levels of competitors showing in this versatile event. In SHTX, competitors pilot their horses in four events: stock horse pleasure, ranch reining, working cow horse and ranch trail.

“The thing that separates our Derby from other performance events is that our horses have to run, stop a cow and compete at that high, fast level, but that they also must slow down and focus for ranch trail and stock horse pleasure,” said William Lewis, SHTX president. “It displays the athleticism and attitude of horses competing in our association.”

The competition is fierce, especially during the World Show, but the camaraderie and family feel the SHTX membership displays is at the forefront. One of the reasons American Reliable Insurance increased support for the Derby is the appreciation, sportsmanship and positive attitude displayed by SHTX members.

“We wanted to support and increase our contribution to this event partly because of the appreciation displayed by members to our sponsorship in previous years,” said Jason Collier with American Reliable Insurance. “We’ve sponsored many events in many disciplines nationally, but the tremendous response from the SHTX competitors has been very rewarding.”

The sponsorship is a partnership between American Reliable Insurance and Ordner Insurance. Ordner Insurance is a long-time SHTX sponsor with agent Michelle Reding, also a SHTX competitor, sponsoring two divisions for year-end jackets. The entire Ordner-American Reliable team is invested in the association and its ever-growing membership.

Entries for the Western Horseman Stock Horse World Championship Show and the Ordner Insurance/ American Reliable Insurance Derby open in September. The Derby is open to any and all 4- to -6-year-old horses; however, competitors in the Stock Horse World Show need attend one SHTX event to qualify to show.

The SHTX show year runs through October and culminates in the 2023 Western Horseman Stock Horse of Texas World Show and Derby, held in Abilene, Texas, October 25 through 29.