Lot 2 Bear Traps Bay * Photo by Connor Beims of Wild Mescalito Imaging

Top Ten average over $15,000 at Legend Buttes Horse Sale

Legend Buttes Spring Horse Sale, organized by Crawford Livestock, culminated on June 16th, showcasing a remarkable collection of 75 exceptional horses that left buyers captivated, both in the stands and online.

Despite the challenges posed by the rain, the team ropers and breakaway ropers showcased their remarkable skills to a full crowd. The ranch trail obstacle course provided a platform for every horse to display their impressive ranching skills, while the cutters and cow horses appreciated the presence of high-quality stock and the CowTrac flag, allowing them to exhibit the extensive training of their horses.

Lot 25, Yolos Lil Ninja * Photo by Connor Beims of Wild Mescalito Imaging

Undoubtedly, the 5-man ranch roping event proved to be a true highlight of the sale preview, where the authentic ranch horses shone, leaving buyers appreciating the genuine versatility and capabilities of these remarkable horses.

The top five horses, all exceptionally talented and good-minded Quarter Horses, boasted an average price of $17,000, while the top ten horses commanded an average of $15,625. In recognition of their exceptional contributions, the two highest-selling consignors were awarded custom buckles and bits. The buckle was presented by Molly’s Custom Silver and the Bit was offered by Cowboy Custom Art.

The high-selling horse of the event was Lot 3, an AQHA Registered bay mare “Dudes Rio Miss” offered by Shawn Patras and family, which commanded an impressive final bid of $18,500. Additionally, the second highest selling horse, a 5-year-old AQHA Buckskin gelding “Buenos Peppy San”, showcased his remarkable attributes, capturing buyers’ attention and selling for $18,000.

Lot 3 – AQHA Dudes Rio Miss (Lobos Lil Dude x Sonics Shadow x KC Storm Chaser), 2012 Mare – $18,500 offered by Shawn Patras

Lot 22 – AQHA Buenos Peppy San (Bueno Dacotah Chex x Little Kristaria x Little Cow Boogie), 2018 Gelding – $18,000 offered by Carson Ranch

Lot 17 – AQHA Harters Fast Cash (Shippys Topsailin Man x SCR Driftin Baby x ML Driftin Doc), 2019 Gelding – $17,500 offered by Tanner & Kaylie Willey

Lot 32 – AQHA Smokin Jak Kat (Smokin Jake x Hollys Kit Kat x Mr Holly Jac), 2015 Gelding – $16,000 offered by Jace Fritz

Lot 36 – AQHA Hy Lil Dulce (Hydrive Cat x Little Sandia Dulce x Smart Little Lena), 2010 Mare – $15,000 offered by Lisa Wilson

Lot 47 – AQHA SQHR Dustys Boy (Son Ofa Dickens x Hirams Bonnie Sue x Perrins Doc Bar Jack), 2018 Gelding – $15,000 offered by Ervin Miller

Lot 23 – Draft Cross Chomp, 2016 Gelding – $14,500 offered by Lazy YS Equine

Lot 42 – AQHA WF Trulys Hot Doc (Truly Genuine x Caliente Sugarnic x Colonel Wininic), 2008 Gelding – $14,500 offered by Lazy YS Equine

Lot 53 – AQHA My Hired Cash (Nu Cash Cow x My Hired Chex x Deer Light Doc), 2013 Gelding –  $13,750 offered by Jesse Larsen

Lot 10 – Grade Joker, 2013 Gelding – $13,500 offered by Wayde Boldon

Lot 51 * Photo by Connor Beims of Wild Mescalito Imaging

This year, the Legend Buttes Spring sale saw a sale average of $9,750. This is a $1,550 increase from last year’s sale average.

The success of the sale was further bolstered by the generous sponsorship of UltraCruz, who presented a custom gift basket of premium grooming products to the fortunate new owner of the high-selling horse. Additionally, each buyer in the sale was bestowed with a $25 gift card from UltraCruz, further cementing the brand’s dedication to supporting the equestrian community.

“We extend our sincerest gratitude to both our buyers and sellers, whose trust and support have propelled us to yet another successful and safe sale at Legend Buttes,” expressed Robin Scherbarth, Legend Buttes Horse Sale Manager.