* Photo by Kelsey Pecsek Hruska.

NCHA Location Conversation: Members to Weigh In On Possible Investment

At the 2022 National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Convention, the NCHA announced that the City of Weatherford had approached the association with an idea. Since then, NCHA has been carrying on the location conversation and beginning to evaluate the feasibility of building their own events facility to host the Triple Crown.

On June 13, they released a video providing testimony from many NCHA members about the pros and cons of partnering with the City of Weatherford, Texas, to build a new facility to host the NCHA Triple Crown cuttings or continuing to have them at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

The video wrapped up with a statement from Stacie McDavid, NCHA member and NCHA Non-Pro Hall of Famer, that sparked concern in many members.

“I hope you will vote to keep the NCHA at its home in Fort Worth, Texas,” McDavid said in the video.

At this time, a vote on the location of the NCHA is not on the ballot for the NCHA General Membership meeting during their convention.

“We’re not voting on that at the convention,” NCHA President Elect Toddy Pitard said. “We’re presenting Fort Worth and we’re presenting Weatherford, but no, we’re not ready for any kind of vote.”

Pitard will take over the NCHA presidency during the NCHA convention on the final day, Sunday, June 25.

Members will be able to attend the general membership meeting virtually via Zoom and vote on bylaw changes from afar as well. Members have received emails regarding the details on attendance and voting.

As for the NCHA location conversation, it’s just that, a conversation.

“We’re looking at the opportunity and then we’re putting it before our membership and they have the final say in it,” the future president stated.

Weatherford City Manager James Hotopp and Trent Petty, an economic development consultant from Petty & Associates, both spoke about the possible project during the General Membership Meeting that capped off the 2022 NCHA Convention. Weatherford Mayor Paul Paschall attended the meeting but did not address the membership.

“We’ve got a good home in Fort Worth,” Pitard continued. “We have to look down every avenue, that’s our responsibility as officers or executive committee members making sure we’re making the right decisions.”

Quarter Horse News will continue coverage of the NCHA location conversation as more details become available.