NCHA Elects Barnwell Ramsey as Vice President

The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) announces the next NCHA Vice President will be Barnwell Ramsey from Huntersville, North Carolina. Ramsey will take on his new position as Vice President starting June 25, 2023 as well as President-Elect Toddy Pitard taking over the Presidency from Ted Sokol. Mark Senn will move into the position of President-Elect.

“I’m not quite sure I really know what I’m up for but we’ll get it done best. We can. That’s for sure,” Ramsey said with a laugh.

Ramsey received 1,344 votes to win the election with 55.4 percent of the majority. The competing candidate was Skip Jones of Amarillo, Texas.

An NCHA member for over 20 years, Ramsey has been involved in multiple aspects of the industry from showing at both the weekend and limited age events across the country, and breeding and owning cutting horses. He has served on both the Finance and Amateur committees for six years, serving as chairman of the Amateur committee for three and vice chairman for two. Additionally, Ramsey is an active director from North Carolina and has served in this role for six years.

“That’s been a lot of good experience and a lot of growth. I’ve seen the NCHA change a lot over the last six years from an organization that was a little bit scattered to one that’s got a pretty clear direction right now, and much more significant as far as the membership base and the value in that respect,” Barney said.

“The NCHA is a strong organization, well positioned on a road that keeps our western heritage alive,” incoming NCHA vice-president, Ramsey said. “That road to success is always under construction and it runs through its members.  I want to continue building that road.”

Additional information about Barnwell Ramsey, including his background within the industry and his vision for the future of NCHA can be found online at