Hashtags • Photo by Megan Parks

In The Blood—Dual Rey Tag & the Rey Jay Influence

When a colt named Hashtags came on the scene in 2016, he sent notice with a top ten finish in the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Open Futurity that he was a horse on the rise. He came back in 2017 as the EquiStat #1 Four-Year-Old Leading Money earner with multiple aged event wins including the NCHA Open Super Stakes Championship. He topped his career off as a five-year-old with more aged event wins and the NCHA Open World Championship. He earned $485,293 in his show career and he carried on the same style as his ancestors, mainly Rey Jay.

A look at the pedigree of Hashtags (Metallic Cat x Dual Rey Tag x Dual Rey) will give us a preliminary look at where his ability as a performer came from. Metallic Cat (High Brow Cat x Chers Shadow x Peptoboonsmal) was the 2008 NCHA Open Futurity Champion and the 2009 NCHA Horse of the Year earning $637,711. He has gone on to be an EquiStat leading sire with foal earnings of over $56 million. He counts among his leading money winners Metallic Rebel (NCHA Open Horse of the Year), Call Me Mitch (National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) World’s Greatest Horseman Champion), Stevie Rey Von (NCHA Open Futurity Champion) and Purple Reyn (NCHA Non-Pro Horse of the Year) to name just a few.

IntheBlood06 HashtagsPed

Dual Rey Tag was the winner of $57,251 as a multiple aged event finalist including a third in the 2010 Breeders Invitational Open. Her sire was Dual Rey (Dual Pep x Nurse Rey x Wyoming Doc), and her dam is Playin Tag (Playgun x Peppys Rey Jey x Peponita). Dual Rey has offspring earnings of $53 million from horses such as Dont Stopp Believin, Crey Zee, Reys Desire and Selvarey. Dual Rey is the broodmare sire of horses with earnings over $40 million including the late, Reyzin.

Since Hashtags’ great arena run, the foals of Dual Rey Tag now have EquiStat earnings of $1 million. These money winners include full brothers and sisters that have reinforced his success and cemented his dam as an up-and-coming broodmare. They include Tagging, Stag and Pound Sign. Some of her other finalists include Taggline, Tagging It and Tags Millionaire. All foals sired by Metallic Cat

The Rey Jay Influence

When we step back and see the pedigree of the foals of Metallic Cat with Dual Rey Tag, we see a breeding pattern of 7 x 5 x 6 x 5 to Rey Jay. This great stallion is a historic horse that has had an influence on the modern performance horse. We will see how his linebreeding had a lasting influence on the breed and how linebreeding to him keeps his influence in the pedigree. 

The story of how Rey Jay became an influential sire starts with his breeder, the famous King Ranch. Lloyd Jenkins contracted with the King Ranch to show and sell their colts. Rey Jay, born in 1955, was in a trailer-load of horses that the ranch sent to Jenkins.

No one is sure when it happened, but Rey Jay injured his eye and developed a white spot on the eye that limited his vision. It would be determined that his vision in that eye was 60% and he could see good except when it became irritated by dust. A dairyman named Ira White was able to trade the colt for four or five Holstein calves. Then young trainer Curly Talamage bought the colt for $350. Talamage started training the colt and put goggles on him to prevent dust irritation in the arena. And as they say the rest is history. 

Talamage would sell Rey Jay to Tom Lee of Indiana and Lee would continue to show Rey Jay. He retired from the arena with an AQHA Championship, ROM in performance with a Superior in cutting earning 257 points, 4.5 western pleasure points and 12 halter points. He earned the NCHA Bronze Award and earnings of $20,579.07. When Lee was injured and unable to continue as a rider and trainer, Rey Jay was sold to Marion Flynt on the urging of famed trainer Buster Welch


Rey Jay was known for his intensity in the cutting pen.

“Rey Jay got real low to the ground. He had a lot of style for a horse in his day. I think it was that he had a lot of cow and that bad eye. He tried to keep a cow under control where he could see her. That gave him a little extra animation. There’s not a whole lot of horses would look at a cow as hard he would, concentrate as hard as he did,” Buster Welch once said.

King Ranch, Rey Jay’s breeders, brought in the famous linebreeding resulting in the Old Sorrel line. Rey Jay is a fitting example as he was sired by Rey Del Rancho (Ranchero x Borega x Old Sorrel). Ranchero was sired by Solis (Old Sorrel x Mother of Solis x Right Royal). Ray Del Rancho’s dam was Panda De La Tordia (Ranchero x Panda De Tordilla x Babe Grande). Babe Grande was sired by Old Sorrel. Panda De La Tordia was out of a mare by OId Sorrel. Calandria K (Tino x Tordia De Garcia x Norias Grey Horse) was Ray Jay’s dam. Tino was sired by Old Sorrel. This gives Rey Jay a breeding pattern of 4 x 4 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 3 to Old Sorrel. Old Sorrel was reported to be the greatest cow horse on the King Ranch and therefore they linebred to keep his influence alive in the ranch breeding program.   

Buster Welch is most often associated with the King Ranch through his ties to Mr San Peppy and Peppy San Badger. He showed both horses to great success.  But Buster had other ties to King Ranch breeding.

He rode Marion’s Girl to the 1954 and 1956 NCHA Open World Championships. She was sired by Wimpy P-1 by Solis (mentioned above).

He had this to say about the Rey Del Rancho line on the King Ranch. “They were the best King Ranch breeding for cuttin’ horses and agility.” He then added, “I think he was recognized (by the King Ranch personnel) as the best sire of cuttin’ horses in his time on the King Ranch.”

Rey Jay’s Offspring

Cara Brewer and Playin Tag * Photo by Donald Shugart

Looking at Rey Jay, we can see how each ownership contributed to his influence. When Talamage owned him, he bred Rey Jay to a mare named Georgia Cody to get Gay Jay. This mare ended up with Marion Flynt and he bred her to Jewel’s Leo Bar (Freckles) and got Freckles Playboy. Flynt also bred such horses as Jay Freckles, Freckles Hustler, Colonel Freckles, Freckles Loverboy and Freckles Flynt from Jewel’s Leo Bar on Rey Jay mares.  

When Lee owned him, he sired a mare named Jay Moss, the second dam of Dual Rey. Rey Jay sired Rey Jay’s Flash, third dam of Dual Rey Tag our subject mare. Both mares were bred by Lee. 

Linebreeding to Rey Jay

The foals of Metallic Cat and Dual Rey Tag have a breeding pattern of 7 x 5 x 6 x 5 to Rey Jay. Dual Rey Tag has a breeding pattern of 4 x 5 x 4 to Rey Jay. Metallic Cat gets his line to Rey Jay through his fourth dam, Shesa Playmate (Freckles Playboy x Lenaette x Doc O Lena).

This linebreeding to Rey Jay indicates that much of his influence comes through his daughters. In this case it also brings his influence on the foals through the “Return the Blood” breeding pattern. “Return the Blood” is linebreeding that brings the common ancestor we want to line breed too, to the foal produced through the sire’s dam who also carries the common ancestor. This linebreeding through the sire’s dam increases her influence on the foal because of her common blood with the foal’s dam and in this case, it is Rey Jay. 

This linebreeding also brings the blood of Rey Jay forward in the pedigree increasing his influence on the pedigree. Which is the goal of linebreeding. Rey Jay displayed cow sense and intensity that we are trying to get in the new foals. This indicates that as the Rey Jay blood moves forward it brings the potential for that determination and the intensity Rey Jay showed in the arena. 

An Added Note

When we look at the sire record for Metallic Cat, we see that his biggest money winning Magic Cross is on Dual Rey daughters. The foals from this cross have earned over $11 million. In addition to Hashtags and his full brothers and sisters we can add such horses as Pedel To The Metall, Ricato Suave, Metallic Curveball, Champayne Dreams, all winners of over $200,000. These horses are not only out of daughters of Dual Rey they also show multiple crosses to Rey Jay in their dam’s pedigree.