Purina® Outlast® Gastric Support Supplement

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Trust Your Horse’s Gut, Not What’s Trendy

There’s always a “latest and greatest” digestive support supplement on the market, but those supplements might not be the greatest for your horse. Purina® Outlast® gastric support supplement is thoroughly researched and horse approved to support gastric health. During in vitro research, this supplement acted quicker, lasted longer and outperformed other products. Unproven trendy ingredients or ineffective levels of ingredients? Not with Outlast® supplement…

At Purina, we stay true to tested, proven formulas. Every single ingredient we include has a purpose. With Outlast® supplement, the purpose is to support your horse’s gastric health, giving you and your horse the confidence to perform.

Proven To Outperform

It’s difficult to find a product backed by as much science as Purina® Outlast® supplement. But that’s why it works so well.

Works Faster, Acts Longer

In an industry where a hundredth of a second can be the difference between winning and losing, choose the supplement that works faster and acts longer.

Not All Marine-Derived Calcium Sources Are Created Equal

The seaweed-derived calcium in Outlast® supplement better supports gastric balance than marine-derived calcium found in other products. Competitors can’t even label their calcium the same as ours because it is different. Outlast® ingredient performs differently. Research shows it has a higher overall ability to neutralize acid in your horse’s gastric environment than marine-derived calcium.

Right Ingredients, Right Amount, Right Serving Size

More ingredients doesn’t mean better. Ingredients only work when they are added at the right amount. When the serving size is similar, more ingredients mean there is less room for every ingredient. There’s no fluff in Outlast® supplement — it has the ingredients your horse needs for optimal gastric support, formulated at the right levels for the serving size.

Put Supplements Through a Test R.I.D.E.

Ideally, when you buy a horse you take it for a test ride. Similarly, you should put your supplements through a test before buying them. We created the Test R.I.D.E. supplement evaluation process to help you determine which supplements are best for you and your horse. Simply compare four key areas – Research, Ingredients, Delivered amount and Efficacy – to see how our competitors stack up to Outlast® supplement:

Ready to support your horse with a proven gastric care supplement? Put our research to the test and see the results for yourself.