Vitalize® Horse Treats: Give Your Horse a Healthy Snack

Sponsored by Biozyme

Most horse’s ears perk up at the sound of opening a plastic bag. They have been well-conditioned to know that sound usually means treats! Feeding treats to your horse can help with training, often used as a reward for good behavior, and the act of feeding them is often enjoyable for you as well. Vitalize and Eggersmann, Germany’s leading horse feed manufacturer, are proud to bring you Vitalize® Horse Treats – a low-sugar, prebiotic snack with “a good gut feeling” in every bite.

Vitalize Horse Treats are made with beet root and carrot powders, providing a tasty and healthy treat with no artificial flavors. They also contain Amaferm®, a precision-based prebiotic that supports digestibility. Their unique, compressed wave shape, a hallmark of Eggersmann treats, means they don’t crumble in your pockets. Plus, horses love the smooth texture and scrumptious carrot flavor.

The treats are a part of the innovative Vitalize brand of supplements and animal health products for horses and dogs powered by BioZyme, Inc. BioZyme has a rich history in the animal health and nutrition business, with over 65 years of experience in research, manufacturing, and helping owners care for their animals.

The Vitalize brand features research-proven ingredients to improve digestive health and gut integrity, keeping your animal healthy and performing. All Vitalize products contain Amaferm®, a prebiotic that has been research-proven in horses to increase digestion and support gut health and functionality. The Vitalize brands contains products for every type of horse, so whether your horse needs vitamin and mineral support, hindgut support, gastric support, or heat stress support, Vitalize has a solution. Some customer favorites are: Vitalize Free Choice Mineral, Vitalize Alimend, Vitalize Digest More Plus, and Vitalize Equine Gel.

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