A Holiday Gift Guide from Horseware

Whether you’re a horse lover looking to build out your wish list or searching for that perfect gift for the equestrian in your life, Horseware® Ireland has compiled our favorite equestrian gift ideas to help save you time shopping!

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Rhino Hexstop Plus with Vari-Layer

Any horse person can appreciate the gift of a blanket. This year treat an equine enthusiast (and their favorite horse) to Horseware Ireland’s newly design . This turnout is designed for the horse that is always ripping its rugs. to give you peace of mind that your horse is protected and comfortable, no matter what mischief they get up to.

The Rhino Hexstop Plus Turnout with Vari-Layer technology offers waterproofness, breathability, and a 30% stronger outer via a new ripstop weave. The interwoven yarn in a hexagonal shape provides superior strength properties for even the toughest of troublemakers. This blanket also comes with our guarantee that your rug will remain waterproof and breathable for a minimum of 3 years.

Dog Coats & Beds

If the equestrian in your life is anything like me, whether it’s cold or raining, their dog is heading to the barn with them. A is a great gift option to help your equestrian’s pup feel a bit more comfortable during the cold and rainy months. The Rambo® Waterproof Dog Coat is a go-to for protecting fido. With an 840D waterproof 0g outer shell and a removable 100g liner, this dog blanket becomes a multi-purpose year-round necessity. It provides warmth in the winter utilizing the liner with the outer shell. It also helps keep a canine friend dry during warmer rainier weather when the outer shell is used by itself.

Amigo® Bravo 12

One of Horseware Ireland’s most popular blankets, the offers an array of options to fit your horse’s needs. With a 1200D polyester outer, this blanket is not only resistant to damage, but also breathable and waterproof keeping your horse protected. The line offers a variety of blanket weights from 0g to 400g of fiberfill to best suit the climate you live in. The classic cut design helps alleviate pressure off the shoulders with front leg arches. The product range also offers options of 2 or 3-cross surcingles and different front closure styles so your blanket is customized to your wants.

Ice-Vibe Boots

combines the effects of cooling and massage to reduce soreness and swelling in the leg.

Ice alone may relieve some pain and swelling but it doesn’t promote healing. Ice-Vibe’s cold packs aid in slowing down inflammation while vibrating massage panels help improve circulation. The improved circulation allows oxygenated blood to reach the tired and damaged tendon and ligament tissue. This combination stimulates repair in your horses’ legs, hocks and knees. Used before or after exercise on a regular basis, Ice-Vibe® boots can help keep your horse healthy and sound all year round.

Horseware Ice-Vibe® Boots do more to prevent, reduce & repair injury.