Travis Barton & Coles Instant Grace • Lyndsey Lamell Photography

Surprise Victory for Travis Barton at Southern Cutting Futurity Non-Pro

Travis Barton wasn’t expecting to put together two neat runs and bring home The Southern Cutting Futurity Non-Pro Championship, but Coles Instant Grace had other ideas. Marking a 215 and a 216, the pair earned $8,595 on Friday, October 28.

“I really just wanted to do my job because I had faith in her. I really focused on being really soft on my cuts and getting the right cows up there. Just staying out of her way no matter how fast or quick it got,” Barton said. “It’s kind of crazy to think we’ve made it this far at the Southern Futurity because I wasn’t planning on [winning]. We thought we just needed a few runs on her and my dad gave me the opportunity to show her. I was not about to turn that down.”

Sired by NRR Cat King Cole and Starlights Chex (by Instant Starlight), Coles Instant Grace is described as being “wired tight.”

“The first time I swung a leg on her as a 2-year-old to break her, she’s been teaching me something every day, and today she showed what she could do. She’s hooked to that cow real good and [is] a very talented mare,” Barton said.

Travis Barton and Coles Instant Grace • Photo by Lyndsey Lamell Photography

When it comes to riding and showing a mare like Coles Instant Choice, Barton focuses on giving her a lot of freedom and letting her figure it out for herself.

“My dad does the training on her and I know from showing her, you’ve got to be real soft on her. It might feel a little crazy but she’s always right there with the cow. She’s just super athletic,” Barton said.

Reserve Champion in The Southern Cutting Futurity Non-Pro was Crystal Dewitt and Tennpin (Sannman x Mizpah Cat x Auspicious Cat), marking 215 and a 215.5 for $7,100 in earnings. The Duo also earned the Futurity Limited Non-Pro Championship, adding an extra $1,441 to their haul. 

Crystal Dewitt & Tennpin • Photo by Lyndsey Lamell Photogrpahy