Matt Koch & Smart Lookin Secrets • Photo by Performance Horse Photography

Koch Scores CRCHA Derby Open Win

The Colorado Reined Cow Horse Association drew reined cow horse enthusiasts to its premier fall event, the Mid America presented by Discount Tire, held Sept. 14-18 at the Wyoming State Fairgrounds in Douglas, Wyoming.

Matt Koch took the Open Derby title home to Elizabeth, Colorado, riding XIT Ranch’s Smart Lookin Secrets (WR This Cats Smart x Secrets Blue Angel) thanks to a composite score of 443.5 (R: 145/H: 149/C: 149.5), which was worth $3,090.

Matt Koch & Smart Lookin Secrets • Photo by Performance Horse Photography

Taking Reserve in the Open Derby for $2,472 and winning the Intermediate Open for another $865 was Lookin At Blu Rey (SDP Blu Rey x Twi Lookin At Me) ridden by Canadian horseman Clint Swales, of High River, Alberta, for owner Jerry Sawley. Lookin At Blu Rey was awarded a cumulative score of 440.5 (R: 145.5/H: 147/C: 148). Swales and Lookin At Blu Rey also topped the Open Novice Horse Derby for $378, as well as the 4-Year-Old Open Incentive for $488.

Debbie Crafton took the Non Pro Derby and Non Pro Hackamore titles home to Fowler, Colorado, riding her 2017 gelding Hesa Wee Bet (Bet Hesa Cat x Wee Quejana Gal) to a composite of 434 (R: 145/H: 143/C: 146) for $678 and $719, respectively.
Debbie Crafton & Hesa Wee Bet • Photo by Performance Horse Photography
Winning the Intermediate Non Pro and 4-Year-Old Incentive Derby divisions was Karey Louthan riding Surely This Time (Surely A Pepto x Its That Time Again) with a composite score of 434 (R: 147/H: 143/C: 144), which was worth a combined paycheck of $810. 
Karey Louthan & Surely This Time • Photo by Performance Horse Photography
Limited Open Derby Champion: Meradas Holly Time (Hickory Holly Time x Smart Miss Merada) ridden by Jason Gay for owner Pamela Heitz, 435 (R: 146/H: 144/C: 145), $618.

Level 1 Open Derby Champion: SJR Royal Romeo (One Time Royalty x Shining Juliet) ridden by Daxon Buttars for owner Redgie Probst, 429 (R: 145/H: 141/C: 143), $544.

Limited Non Pro Derby Champion: Conrad T. Swanson and CR Boon To Be A Tuff (Woody Be Tuff x CR April Boon), owned by Conrad T. Swanson, 399.5, $156.

Level 1 Non Pro Derby Champion: Clayton Malson and A Sure Cat (Surely A Pepto x CDCatCash), owned by Broken Desert Ranch, 418, $491.

Select Non Pro Derby Champion: Jecca R. Ostrander and BOXO Opus Magnum (WR This Cats Smart x Opus Magnum), owned by Box O Quarter Horses, 433, $70.

Non Pro & Select Non Pro Boxing Derby Champion: Catherine A Brown-Swain and Mintgundition (Gunnatrashya x Peppermints), owned by Rancho Santa Margarita, 431.5, $446.25

Level 1 & 4-Year-Old Incentive Non Pro Boxing Derby Champion: Micah Dahl and Ms Royal Rey (Smooth Talkin Style x Royal Reyda), owned by Micah Dahl, 425, $168.

CRCA Mid-America Bridle Spectacular and Horse Show Champions

Open Stock Horse Challenge & Open Bridle Spectacular Champion: Smart Ladies Sparkle (WR This Cats Smart x Shiners Diamond Lady) ridden by Matt Koch for owner XIT Ranch, 586.00, $198/441, $890.

Non Pro Bridle Spectacular Champion: Nicole Westfall riding A Spoonful Of Jonez (Travelin Jonez x A Spoonful O Sugar), owned by Desiree or Jeff Westfall, 441.5, $555.

Limited Non Pro Bridle Spectacular & Limited Non Pro Bridle Champion: Denille LePlatt riding Hannas Metallic Rey (Metallic Cat x Reyhanna), owned by Dustin LePlatt, 429.5/$288, 273/$369.

Open Bridle Champion: Northern Metallic (Metallic Cat x Little Cow Hound) ridden by Jake Telford for owner Marti Katerberg, 294.5, $1,241.

Intermediate Open Bridle Champion: Sinfully Smart Cat (WR This Cats Smart x Sinful Style) ridden by Wade Reaney for owner Karen Olson, 291, $510.

Limited Open Bridle Champion: BLT Lil Pistol Rey ridden and owned by Jayde Trump, 286.5, $445.

Open Two Rein Champion: V Eight Tuff Ichi (Woody Be Tuff x Clementime Ichi) 

ridden by Clint Swales for owner David Webster, 295, $765.

Open Hackamore Champion: Juliette Jonez (Travelin Jonez x Shine Smarter) ridden by Sarah Dawson for owner Linda Mars, 298.5, $986.

Intermediate Open Hackamore Champion: One Metallic Spark (Metallic Cat x One Sparking Time) ridden by Brandon Buttars for owner Lori Adamski-Peek, 292, $439.

Limited Open Hackamore Champion: Hes Pretty Tuff (Woody Be Tuff x CR Shes Uh Secret) ridden by John Snyder for owner Ben Choate, 275.50, $588.

Non Pro Stock Horse Challenge, Non Pro Bridle Spectacular, Limited Non Pro Bridle Spectacular & Limited Non Pro Bridle Champion: Stephanie White and MissReymembered (Dual Rey x Smooth N Smokin), owned by Stephanie White, 570.5/$110, 437/$431, $255, 293/$423.

Non Pro Bridle & Intermediate Non Pro Bridle Champion: Kristy Kay Miller and Glamour Royallty (One Time Royalty x Kitna Rey), owned by Kristy Kay Miller, 294, $1,065, $439.

Select Non Pro Bridle Champion: Jecca Ostrander and Opus Cat Olena (WR This Cats Smart x Opus Chic), owned by Box O Quarter Horses, 284.5, $150.

Non Pro Two Rein Champion: Nicole Westfall and Time To Honkytonk (One Time Pepto x Honkytonk Diva), owned by Desiree or Jeff Westfall, 289.5, $458.

Youth Cow Horse Champion: Tyler Kraft and Cantankerous Kitty (One Time Pepto x CanCan Kitty), owned by Tyler Kraft, 270.5, $204.

Youth Boxing Champion: Lucinda David and Seven S Johnny Reb (Blind Sided x Seven S Prairie Rose), owned by Lucinda David, 291.5, $90.

Non Pro Boxing Spectacular Champion: Lucinda David riding Rubys Repeat (Reys Dual Badger x Ruby Tuesday DNA), owned by Lucinda David, 436, $629.

Non Pro Boxing Champion: Niamh Sexton and Ima Metallic Shine (Metallic Cat x Isabellena), owned by Melissa Sexton, 293, $746.

Intermediate Non Pro & Select Non Pro Boxing Champion: Kimberlee Gabel and Metallic Maverick (Metallic Cat x Widows May Play), 288.5, $143/$54.

Limited Non Pro Boxing Champion: Bailey Jo Jefferies and Shootin For The Boon (Once In A Blu Boon x She Shot The Sheriff), owned by Brian and Mary McGinley, 288, $128.

Box Drive Box Champion: Leslie Gale and Hal On Ice (Halreycious x Shes Icing OnThe Cat), owned by Leslie Gale, 287.5, $146.

Pro-Am Box Champion: Valerie Taylor and Jordy Joe Pep (Peptomatic x Rhonda Jo Leo), owned by Valerie Taylor, 271.5, $60.

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