Driven Miss Sallie & Matt Gaines • Photo by Emily Coffeen

11 Qualify for The Run For A Million Cutting Event

In an exciting twist, The Run For A Million (TRFAM) is hosting a cutting competition in 2023.

More than 200 horses entered in the sole qualifying competition at the Brazos Bash, which was held Oct. 4-6 at TRFAM founder Taylor Sheridan’s Bosque Ranch, in Weatherford, Texas.

The competition was open to horses of any age, with some riders choosing 3-year-olds and others riding veteran older cutting horses.

The qualifying was based on the first-go-round score of these horses’ limited age event competitions and all horses age 7 and older were placed in the 7-Year-Old Open class. If a rider was entered into the derby and TRFAM qualifier, their first-go-round score would count towards the qualification.

With ties, eleven riders punched their ticket to Las Vegas in 2023, with EquiStat Elite $9 Million Rider Matt Gaines earning the highest score aboard Driven Miss Sallie.

Qualifying for the TRFAM cutting event is based on the rider, not the horse. Although riders can choose to ride the same horse at next year’s TRFAM that they rode in the qualifier at the Brazos Bash, they could ultimately choose a different mount. In the TRFAM’s Million Dollar Competition for reiners and Fence Work Challenge for reined cow horses, qualified riders had a number of horses on their short list for their respective big event in Las Vegas.

Here are The Run For A Million cutting qualifiers and the horse they rode at the Brazos Bash:

Matt Gaines

Rider Earnings: $9,682,8152

Horse: Driven Miss Sally 15 M (Hydrive Cat x Mylanta Lano x Mylanta Lena)

Horse Earnings: $135,541

Score: 225

Tarin Rice

Rider Earnings: $3,097,531

Horse: Catolena Cashin In 17 S (Reyzin The Cash x Dual Catolena x High Brow Cat)

Horse Earnings: $251,067

Score: 224

Wesley Galyean

Rider Earnings: $5,057,584

Horse: Nineteen 42 19 S (Hottish x Lil Rattler x Dual Rey)

Horse Earnings: $19,886

Score: 224

Adan Banuelos

Rider Earnings: $5,727,633

Horse: Hottish Metal 18 S (Hottish x Snow Me The Rey x Metallic Cat)

Horse Earnings: $244,129

Score: 224

Matt Miller

Rider Earnings: $4,151,879

Horse: Metallic Smart Cat 13 G (Metallic Cat x Smart Jerri Lee x Smart Little Jerry)

Horse Earnings: $239,620

Score: 223.5

Austin Shepard

Rider Earnings: $9,436,710

Horse: Wood She B Magic 18 M (Woody Be Tuff x Magic Metallic x Metallic Cat)

Horse LTE: $232,799

Score: 223

Michael Cooper

Rider Earnings: $4,330,373

Horse: Ripping Ichi 12 G (Cat Ichi x Kodoboomba x Kodo)

Horse Earnings: $303,469

Score: 222.5

Lloyd Cox

Rider Earnings: $11,030,813

Horse: Blackish 14 M (Hottish x SS Blacks Lil Kitty x Blue Bayou Boon)

Horse Earnings: $223,262

Score: 222.5

Kenny Platt

Rider Earnings: $2,578,725

Horse: Dr Sueish 16 G (Hottish x Sues So Smart x WR This Cats Smart)

Horse Earnings: $245,023

Score: 222

Monty Buntin

Rider EarningsE: $2,221,509

Horse: Steel Betty 14 M (Metallic Cat x Betty Greyble x Stylish Rey)

Horse Earnings: $212,610

Score: 222

Clay Johnson

Rider Earnings: $1,514,319

Horse: Rosalitta 2018 M (Metallic Cat x GS Counting On Kitty x Im Countin Checks)

Horse Earnings: $81,381

Score: 222