The investigation into the death of horse owner Jack Grimes continues nearly a year after his body was found and two people close to him went missing. Officials have conducted several searches this year, including one this spring (pictured) of a pond at the Grimes residence in Turley, Oklahoma. • Photo courtesy of Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives Investigate Person of Interest in Oklahoma Horse Owner’s Death

Police say they have a person of interest in the death of Oklahoma reining and reined cow horse owner Jack Grimes and the disappearance of two people close to him.

Grimes, 76, was found dead on Oct. 31 in Turley, Oklahoma. His friend, Dwayne Selby, 59, and Selby’s mother, Glenda “Cookie” Parton, 80, are still missing.

Grimes, who police say died of homicide, and Selby were reported missing on Oct. 25 after they did not show up as planned at the 2021 National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Snaffle Bit Futurity in Fort Worth, Texas. Parton was last seen on Oct. 25 while searching for her son, and officials later found her car abandoned.

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Communications Director Casey Roebuck said investigators have identified a person of interest in the case. She did not release the person’s name or describe the person’s connection to Grimes, Selby or Parton.

“We are building a case, but no one has has been arrested or charged in connection with Jack’s murder or the disappearance of Dwayne or Cookie, yet,” she said.

Investigators do have theories and are in contact with the district attorney’s office as they work the case, she said.

Reining and Reined Cow Horse

Part of that investigation involved speaking with people in the horse industry, where Grimes, Selby and Parton were involved as breeders of reining and reined cow horses. Their partnership, CDJ Performance Horses, owned 2015 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Level 1 Limited Open Champion Roosters Pistolena.

In addition to regularly attending the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity, Grimes and Selby often attended the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. CDJ Performance Horses owned broodmares as well as show horses, and for a time owned reining stallion I Spin For Chics.

The remains of cow horse and reining horse owner Jack Grimes, left, were found last weekend near Tulsa. His friend, Dwayne Selby, center, and Selby’s mother, Glenda “Cookie” Parton, right, remained missing Friday. Investigators ask anyone with information to contact authorities. • Photos courtesy of Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

During the initial stages of the investigation, detectives asked that members of the horse industry to come forward if they had any information about who would have reason to harm Grimes, Selby or Parton. Roebuck said detectives explored that possible lead by traveling to Texas to talk with horse industry members, and also speaking with members of the industry in Oklahoma.

“The investigation that we conducted did lead into the horse world, specifically, but we never recovered any evidence that the industry or the business they were in could be a motive for Jack’s murder or Dwayne and Cookie’s disappearance,” she said.

Discoveries Near Home

So far, the biggest discoveries connected to the case that authorities publicly announced were made in areas near or a short drive away from Grimes’s residence. He and Selby lived in Turley, a city of approximately 2,800 residents just north of Tulsa along Highway 75.

Parton’s car was found off Highway 75 near 56th Street North, which Roebuck said is about a mile from where Grimes and Selby lived. Grimes’s body was found in a wood line about a half mile from his home, and his car was found a short drive away in Mohawk Park in Tulsa.

Selby and Parton’s remains have not been found.

“There is no evidence that Dwayne or Cookie are still alive, unfortunately,” Roebuck said.

That’s in spite of several searches investigators have conducted over the past year, including a search of the area around the Grimes property, as well as a pond on his property and the areas where the two cars were found. 

Dogs trained to detect human remains, called cadaver dogs, also searched near where investigators found Grimes’s body. While the dogs did indicate areas of interest, Roebuck said they did not find the remains of Selby or Parton.

Officials sent evidence collected while serving the search warrants to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation crime lab for testing. Roebuck did not say what items were collected.

She asked anyone with information about the death of Grimes or the disappearance of Selby and Parton to contact investigators – even if it’s something they think might be small or insignificant.

“The case is not cold, I want people to know that for sure,” Roebuck said. “And, I especially want the victims’ families to know that the case is not cold and we are still working on it and we feel good about the progress that we’re making.”

Anyone with information can contact the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office at (918) 596-5600.