Mark Senn, of Augusta, Georgia, will be the next vice president of the NCHA. • Photo courtesy of NCHA.

Amateur Competitor to be Next NCHA Vice President

A National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) amateur competitor from the East Coast will be the next vice president of the association.

The NCHA announced Sunday, May 15, that Mark Senn, of Augusta, Georgia, had won the election and would start in the position on June 5.

Senn received 2,130 votes to win the election with a 68.2 percent majority. The other vice presidential candidate was Raymond Shumate, a trainer and show producer from Hempstead, Texas.

Senn has been an NCHA member since 2006, and currently serves as chairman of the NCHA Finance Committee where he serves with the goals of bringing more transparency and accountability of the NCHA finances and establishing investment guidelines and goals. In addition, he has served as a Region 5 representative, an Area 18 board member, and an Atlantic Coast Cutting Horse Association board member.

“The NCHA has provided me the opportunity to not only participate but get to know and appreciate the people that continue the traditions and heritage of this western sport,” incoming NCHA vice-president, Senn said in a statement from the NCHA. “The people in cutting and the cutting horse family make the organization special to all involved. I would like to see the NCHA grow the awareness of the sport and become the very best equine organization.”