Classic Equine Ceramic Wraps on horse standing in stall
Perfect for stalling, traveling, and standing tied

Therapeutic Tools From a Trusted Source

Classic Equine’s Latest Innovations: The Classic Equine Ceramic Wraps and Ice Boots can help ease inflammation, and reduce swelling, while increasing circulation to alleviate discomfort and promote healing.

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Your horse’s legs cover a lot of miles. Even with the most mindful care, strains and pains will happen. The resulting inflammation and soreness can be due to wear and tear traveling, training, or not to mention the high-impact maneuvers performance events demand.

No matter the source, any leg discomfort can slow your horse’s progress toward your goals, and sometimes even halt it altogether. Help prevent and alleviate pain and swelling when it happens and keep your horse’s legs tight with the new Ceramic Wraps and Ice Boots from Classic Equine—your trusted source for all performance gear.

Recovery At Its Finest

The Classic Equine Ceramic Wraps can help ease inflammation, and reduce swelling while increasing circulation to alleviate discomfort and promote healing. The ceramic lining in each wrap reflects and radiates the horse’s own body heat back deep into the tissues to promote thermal infrared therapy, which increases circulation and reduces inflammation. The wraps’ neoprene shells have hook-and-loop closure straps to keep the wraps in place securely in place so you can use them in the trailer or in a stall.

The wraps come in sets of two in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. These wrap sizes are very forgiving and easy for anyone to put on. Use the small or mediums for front legs and the large or extra-large for hind legs, depending on how high on the leg you desire coverage. Also, purchase replacement inserts for use with multiple horses to prevent the spread of any skin conditions or while cleaning so you have a spare insert when you need them.

Keep Things Cool with Classic Equine Ice Boots

Whether your horse is recovering from an injury that requires icing or you use ice post-training or competition, Classic Equine’s Ice Boots make that process easy and effective. The boots feature a washable, and durable neoprene outer shell that helps keep the interior encapsulated gel ice packs cold. Hook-and-loop straps make for easy on and off and allow for adjustment to perfectly fit your horse’s legs.

The ice boots provide 15-20 minutes of cold therapy. And their customizable fit means they’re secure enough to use in a trailer or in the stall with minimal supervision, unlike old-school icing in a bucket. The ice packs are removable, and you can purchase extras allowing you to keep a set in the freezer, so you always have some ice cold and ready to go.

Vist Classic Equine for more information on Ceramic Wrap and Ice Boots, your trusted source of therapeutic recovery tools.