Donations to assist veterinarians and equines in need in Ukraine are being accepted by Foundation For The Horse. • Image courtesy of Foundation For the Horse.

Group Seeks Gifts for Ukrainian Equine and Veterinary Medical Relief

An American-based group is accepting donations to help horses and veterinarians affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Foundation for the Horse, which is the charitable arm of the American Association for Equine Practitioners (AAEP), recently announced it would accept financial gifts for those providing emergency relief and support, including veterinary organizations and the horses and animals they care for.

“Our hearts go out to the animals, their owners, and veterinarians impacted by the devastation in Ukraine,” said Dr. Emma Read, president of The Foundation for the Horse and the AAEP. “We are working with veterinary colleagues in Europe to identify trusted organizations who are providing rapid response for equine and animal care in the region.”

Foundation officials say images and reports from Ukraine as well as the Eastern European border countries near it are heart-wrenching. While many residents fleeing Ukraine are trying to take their pets and animals with them, thousands of displaced horses, donkeys, burros and other animals remain behind and, like the people of Ukraine, need your help.

Visit The Foundation’s Disaster Relief page to donate and learn more about how we are connecting with veterinary groups and animal charities that are supporting those in need.

About The Foundation for the Horse 

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