• Photo by S. Sylvester Photography

Crey Zee Leads 2022 NCHA Hall of Fame Class

Several new horses, riders and members will be inducted into the National Cutting Horse (NCHA) Hall of Fame.

Officials say the individuals are inducted into one of the three NCHA Hall of Fame categories based on their lifetime earnings or accomplishments in the arena: Horse, Non-Pro Riders, and Open Riders. 

The NCHA Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held during the 2022 NCHA Metallic Cat World Championship Futurity in Fort Worth, Texas.

2021 Horse Hall of Fame

2021 Non-Pro Riders Hall of Fame

  • Missy Jean Etheridge of Cornith, Mississippi
  • Ashley Galyean of Fort Worth, Texas
  • EJ Huntley of Weatherford, Texas
  • Ryan Rapp of Weatherford, Texas
  • Jill Roth of Paso Robles, California

2021 Open Riders Hall of Fame

  • Jon Burgess of Weatherford, Texas
  • Cullen Chartier of Millsap, Texas
  • Will Nuttall of Wickenburg, Arizona

Additionally, individuals are inducted into the Members Hall of Fame based on their contributions to the sport of cutting, among many other factors. 

The 2022 NCHA Members Hall of Fame inductees:

  • H. L. Akin of Davidson, Oklahoma awarded posthumously
  • Gay Copeland of Sonora, Texas awarded posthumously
  • Loyd A. Jinkens of Fort Worth, Texas awarded posthumously
  • Charles E. King of Wichita Falls, Texas awarded posthumously
  • Phil Rapp of Weatherford, Texas
  • Lewis Wray of Russellville, Arkansas