Colonels Smoking Gun (Gunner) continues to be a powerhouse in the reining industry. * Photo by Cheryl Cody

Top 15: NRHA Futurity All-Time Leaders

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity is the pinnacle of reining’s show season. Horses at this show don’t just win at Jim Norick Arena; they write their names in the sport’s history books.

Over the years, the sport’s finest continually rose to the top in the show, which runs through Dec. 4 at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Here are the all-time leading horses, sires, dams, riders, owners and breeders in the history of the NRHA Futurity, according to EquiStat.


1All Bettss Are Off 17S (Colonels Smoking Gun x Wimpys Little Chic x Wimpys Little Step)$250,000 
2The Great Whiz00G (Topsail Whiz x Shirleys Folly x Great Pine)$209,252 
3Super Marioo16S (Gunnatrashya x HA Chic A Tune x Smart Chic Olena)$208,976 
4Smart Spook01S (Smart Chic Olena x Sugarplum Spook x Grays Starlight)$175,310 
5RR Star (PT)98S (Like A Diamond [PT] x RL Miss Kitty x Nu Cash)$185,481 
6Lil Joe Cash08S (Nu Chex To Cash x RS Lilly Starlight x Grays Starlight)$184,636 
7Americasnextgunmodel09M (Colonels Smoking Gun x Cee Dun It Do It x Hollywood Dun It)$182,417 
8KR Lil Conquistador02G (Conquistador Whiz x Smart Little Prize x Smart And Trouble)$180,695 
9Shining N Sassy05M (Shining Spark x Sassy O Lena x Doc O’Lena)$174,527 
10Face The Attitude14M (Pale Face Dunnit x Miss Lil Addy Tude x Whizard Jac)$172,452 
11Wimpys Little Step99S (Nu Chex To Cash x Leolita Step x Forty Seven)$170,868 
12Spooky Whiz13G (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Myo Starlight x Paddys Irish Whiskey)$170,759 
13Shesouttayourleague12M (Walla Walla Whiz x Wimpys Little Chic x Wimpys Little Step)$167,208 
14Not Ruf At All10S (A Sparkling Vintage x All Ruffed Up x Lil Ruf Peppy)$165,530 
15Wimpys Little Chic04M (Wimpys Little Step x Collena Chic Olena x Smart Chic Olena)$162,529 


RankSireTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Colonels Smoking Gun (Gunner)All Bettss Are Off ($250,000)$3,053,881 
2Topsail WhizThe Great Whiz ($209,252)$2,503,273 
3Wimpys Little StepWimpys Little Chic ($162,529)$2,278,514 
4Hollywood Dun ItHollywood Vintage ($123,277)$1,837,095 
5Smart Chic OlenaSmart Spook ($197,644)$1,467,399 
6Magnum Chic DreamLil Jessie Magnum ($128,784)$1,352,875 
7GunnatrashyaSuper Marioo ($208,976)$1,325,500 
8Smart SpookShine N Spook ($151,405)$1,293,383 
9Gunners Special NiteGuns And Dynamite ($155,198)$1,122,736 
10Shining SparkShining N Sassy ($174,527)$1,100,569 
11Walla Walla WhizShesouttayourleague ($167,208)$1,043,853 
12Jacs Electric SparkElectric Code ($136,217)$935,913 
13Nu Chex To CashLil Joe Cash ($184,636)$866,446 
14Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster)Ricochet Rooster ($97,938)$847,256 
15Pale Face DunnitFace The Attitude ($172,452)$792,743 


1. Wimpys Little Chic

Pedigree: 04M (Wimpys Little Step x Collena Chic Olena x Smart Chic Olena)
Progeny Earnings:  $634,780
Money-Earning Performers: 5
Top 3 Earners:

2. Snip O Gun

Pedigree: 93M (One Gun x Miss Kim O Lena x Doc O’Lena)
Progeny Earnings:  $463,779
Money-Earning Performers: 14
Top 3 Earners:

  • Inferno Sixty Six ($135,509, by Gunnatrashya)
  • Big Chex To Cash ($133,039, by Nu Chex To Cash)
  • Hot Smokin Chex ($74,692, by Nu Chex To Cash)

3. Shirleys Folly

Pedigree: 89M (Great Pine x Ms Enterprise x Be Aech Enterprise)
Progeny Earnings:  $375,323
Money-Earning Performers: 6
Top 3 Earners:

  • The Great Whiz ($209,252, by Topsail Whiz)
  • The Great Tag ($151,179, by Whiz N Tag Chex)
  • Tag Along Shirley ($10,887, by Whiz N Tag Chex)

4. Ebony Shines

Pedigree: 99M (Shining Spark x Ebony Whiz x Topsail Whiz)
Progeny Earnings:  $356,709
Money-Earning Performers: 9
Top 3 Earners:

  • Shine N Spook ($151,405, by Smart Spook)
  • Shiners Chic ($88,457, by Smart Chic Olena)
  • Shines Like Spook ($45,601, by Smart Spook)

5. Taris Little Vintage

Pedigree: 91M (Peppy San Badger x Taris Vintage x Doc Tari)
Progeny Earnings:  $330,331
MoneyEarning Performers: 8
Top 3 Earners:

  • Taris Designer Genes ($147,476, by Mr Boomerjac)
  • Hollywood Vintage ($123,277, by Hollywood Dun It)
  • Taris Favorite Trick ($26,867, by Mr Boomerjac)
RankDamTop Money EarnerEarnings
6Dun It For ChexDun It For Whizkey ($109,855)$318,923 
7Smart Little PrizeKR Lil Conquistador ($180,695)$308,508 
8All Ruffed Up Not Ruf At All ($165,530)$300,431 
9Collena Chic OlenaWimpys Little Chic ($162,529)$266,710 
10Princess In DiamondsWhizkey N Diamonds ($113,826)$259,459 
11Sassy O LenaShining N Sassy ($174,527)$238,863 
12NatrashaGunnatrashya ($152,728)$236,682 
13PrettywhizprettydoesSpooks Gotta Whiz ($145,454)$232,931 
14Cee Dun It Do ItAmericasnextgunmodel ($182,417)$230,529 
15Miss TinseltownGunners Tinseltown ($155,737)$225,764 


RankOwnerTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Arcese Quarter HorsesAll Bettss Are Off ($250,000)$1,310,510 
2Rancho Oso Rio LLCSpooky Whiz ($170,759)$947,177 
3Lance GriffinThe Great Whiz ($209,252)$869,610 
4Tom & Mandy McCutcheonShining At Nite ($60,350)$782,624 
5Vaughn ZimmermanNot Ruf At All ($165,530)$757,868 
6McQuay StablesCustomized Gunner ($41,357)$608,931 
7Rosanne SternbergSmart Spook ($197,644)$505,379 
8Frank BoleaVon Reminic ($150,200)$496,807 
9Hickory Creek Ranch LLCFace The Attitude ($172,452)$482,581 
10David Silva SrGunners Tinseltown ($155,737)$469,706 
11Tish & Andrea FappaniLegend Slides Wright ($93,048)$463,606 
12Carol RoseShining N Sassy ($174,527)$372,565 
13Kathy & Casey HintonBlack Hills Gold ($136,504)$372,294 
14James Morgan DVMMild N Wild ($26,735)$353,842 
15Steven SimonCustom Pistol ($118,777)$342,078 


RankBreederTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Arcese Quarter HorsesAll Bettss Are Off ($250,000)$1,182,391 
2Rosanne SternbergSmart Spook ($197,644)$867,035 
3Bob Loomis Quarter Horses IncLas Cruces Whiz ($80,191)$846,773 
4McQuay Stables IncA Gal With A Gun ($58,874)$844,111 
5Rancho Oso Rio LLCTaris Designer Genes ($147,476)$839,264 
6Hilldale FarmWimpys Little Step ($170,868)$813,581 
7Steven SimonCustom Pistol ($118,777)$792,903 
8Lance GriffinThe Great Whiz ($209,252)$760,328 
9David Silva SrAmericasnextgunmodel ($182,417)$595,314 
10Carol RoseShining N Sassy ($174,527)$551,190 
11Petra ZeitlerNot Ruf At All ($165,530)$476,381 
12Turnabout Farm IncGuns And Dynamite ($155,198)$471,092 
13Sally BrownWhizard Jac ($120,875)$463,811 
14Hickory Creek Ranch LLCCashing Black Chex ($96,162)$445,334 
15Smart Like Juice IncMoonshine N Juice ($42,389)$385,927 

Open Riders

RankRiderTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Shawn FlaridaKR Lil Conquistador ($180,130)$2,556,325 
2Andrea FappaniAll Bettss Are Off ($250,000)$2,547,485 
3Craig SchmersalFace The Attitude ($172,452)$1,515,388 
4Tim McQuayShining N Sassy ($174,527)$1,417,885 
5Todd BergenChic Please ($123,774)$1,229,690 
6Duane LatimerThe Great Whiz ($209,252)$938,112 
7Jordan LarsonARC Gunnabeabigstar ($151,405)$917,042 
8Casey DearyAmericasnextgunmodel ($182,417)$889,499 
9Jason VanlandinghamNot Ruf At All ($165,530)$771,882 
10Todd SommersVon Reminic ($150,200)$758,104 
11Mike McEntireRed Stripe Spook ($129,480)$623,246 
12Randy PaulTaris Designer Genes ($144,414)$618,090 
13Brent WrightCustom Pistol ($118,777)$583,743 
14Dell HendricksHollywood Vintage ($122,510)$529,705 
15Brian BellGunnabebigtime ($118,983)$518,652 

Non-Pro Riders

RankRiderTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Mandy McCutcheonShining At Nite ($60,350)$1,115,351 
2Tish FappaniLegend Slides Wright ($93,048)$382,262 
3James Morgan DVMMild N Wild ($26,735)$381,680 
4Kelle SmithJD Conquista Anna ($46,673)$352,234 
5Samantha SmithNeverthoughtiwould ($57,887)$288,549 
6Charles WiederholtOne Last Corona ($36,982)$256,279 
7Jesse AsmussenRuf Style Of Play ($66,353)$226,673 
8Jose VazquezXtra Winding Step ($35,938)$224,803 
9Nelle MurphyLotsa Train ($25,257)$164,694 
10Ginger SchmersalGold Digging Dunnit ($48,990)$163,296 
11Quincy AllenConquistador Chick ($39,896)$163,239 
12Veronica DeansSpooks N Sparks ($71,191)$160,394 
13Kim MuehlstaetterSpooks Grand Slam ($25,262)$148,441 
14Gina Maria SchumacherCS Tosmarttoberuff ($25,282)$142,088 
15Cade McCutcheon Dually With A Star ($36,727)$140,028