High Brow Cat reigns supreme over the NCHA Futurity all-time leaders list. • Photo by John Brasseaux.

Top 15: NCHA Futurity All-Time Leaders

The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity is the biggest event in the sport of cutting. It’s a place where legends are made, and the NCHA Futurity all-time leaders represent the best in the industry.

This year’s show, scheduled for Nov. 17 to Dec. 11, will once again be held at the famed Will Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas.

Here are the all-time leading horses, sires, dams, riders, owners and breeders in the history of the NCHA Futurity, according to EquiStat.


1The Gemnist82G (Doc Bar Gem x Miss Fancy Zan x Black Gold Zan)$269,740
2Smart Little Lena79S (Doc O’Lena x Smart Peppy x Peppy San)$267,085
3Rockin W06S (Dual Rey x Boon San Kitty x High Brow Cat)$265,496
4Docs Okie Quixote80S (Doc Quixote x Jimmette Too x Johnny Tivio$263,483
5Oh Cay Felix03G (High Brow Cat x Oh Cay Shorty x Shorty Lena)$263,157
6THigh Brow CD04S (High Brow Cat x Sweet Little CD x CD Olena)$250,000
6TMetallic Cat05S (High Brow Cat x Chers Shadow x Peptoboonsmal)$250,000
6TOne Time Royalty07S (One Time Pepto x Royal Serena Belle x Shorty Lena)$250,000
9All Spice17M (Once In A Blu Boon x Show Biz Kitty x High Brow Cat)$246,880
10Spots Hot01S (Chula Dual x Sweet Shorty Lena x Shorty Lena)$242,151
11Doc Per 81S (Personality Doc x Nettie Buck x Wylie’s Red Buck)$237,092
12Second Spot13M (Spots Hot x Reycy Moon x Cats Moonshine)$225,395
13He Bea Cat09G (High Brow Cat x Mae Bea Marie x Freckles Playboy)$217,024
14Stevie Rey Von12S (Metallic Cat x Miss Ella Rey x Dual Rey)$214,145
15Dual Reyish14S (Hottish x A Little Reylena x Dual Rey)$212,672


RankSireTop Money EarnerEarnings
1High Brow CatOh Cay Felix ($263,157)$11,584,791 
2Dual ReyRockin W ($265,496)$5,974,326 
3Metallic CatStevie Rey Von ($214,145)$5,286,968 
4Smart Little LenaDesires Little Rex ($197,004)$4,877,306 
5Smooth As A CatArosesuchaclatter ($139,009)$3,633,571 
6PeptoboonsmalPeptocandy ($147,617)$3,180,747 
7Peppy San BadgerHaidas Little Pep ($164,397)$3,164,192 
8Dual PepJune Bug Dually ($160,229)$3,148,298 
9Freckles PlayboyDainty Playgirl ($200,000)$2,131,897 
10Doc’s HickoryMeradas Armada ($118,693)$2,111,234 
11One Time PeptoOne Time Royalty ($250,000)$1,954,385 
12Doc O’LenaSmart Little Lena ($267,085)$1,617,544 
13Woody Be TuffCR Tuff Hearted Cat ($205,142)$1,379,509 
14Dual Smart ReyDual Smart Kitty ($200,000)$1,347,950 
15HottishDual Reyish ($212,672)$1,227,604 


1. Oh Cay Shorty

Pedigree: 91M (Shorty Lena x Oh Cay San x Peppy San)
Progeny Earnings: $588,265
MoneyEarning Performers: 11
Top 3 Earners:

2. Jazabell Quixote

Pedigree: 79M (Doc Quixote x Bill’s Jazabell x Cutter Bill)
Progeny Earnings: $461,918
Money-Earning Performers: 15
Top 3 Earners:

  • July Jazz ($140,953, by Sons Doc)
  • Royal Serena Belle ($111,324, by Shorty Lena)
  • Hickoryote ($48,326, by Doc’s Hickory)

3. Show Biz Kitty

Pedigree: 03M (High Brow Cat x Show Biz Sandy x Son Ofa Doc)
Progeny Earnings: $433,022
Money-Earning Performers: 4
Top 3 Earners:

4. Lynx Melody

Pedigree: 75M (Doc’s Lynx x Trona x Leon Bars)
Progeny Earnings: $385,109
Money-Earning Performers: 9
Top 3 Earners:

  • Shanie Cee ($200,000, by Peppys Boy 895)
  • A Peppys Melody ($39,911, by Peppys Boy 895)
  • Crackin ($33,557, by Smart Little Lena)

5. San Starlight

Pedigree: 89M (Grays Starlight x Doctresa San x Doc Holliday)
Progeny Earnings: $366,161
Money-Earning Performers: 6
Top 3 Earners:

  • Spookys Smarty Pants ($142,589, by Smart Aristocrat)
  • Spookys Cash ($114,556, by Miss N Cash)
  • Spookys Cat Deville ($69,458, by High Brow Cat)
RankDamTop Money EarnerEarnings
6Sweet Shorty LenaSpots Hot ($242,151)$366,021 
7Desire Some FrecklesDesires Little Rex ($197,004)$359,717 
8Miss Ella ReyStevie Rey Von ($214,145)$353,546 
9Sweet AbraPipe Bomb Dream ($107,999)$336,425 
10Sweet Lil CDHigh Brow CD ($250,000)$336,011 
11Boon San KittyRockin W ($265,496)$335,983 
12Ruby Tuesday DNAHydrive Cat ($184,023)$335,592 
13Laney DocFour Acres ($68,808)$313,944 
14Dually Lil PepSmooth Going Cat ($136,285)$306,526 
15Hissy CatJohnny Reyngo ($95,376)$301,249 


RankOwnerTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Slate River RanchBobs Smart Chance ($118,810)$1,359,358 
2Phil & Mary Ann RappCats Full Measure ($90,976)$1,357,064 
3Center RanchCR Tuff Hearted Cat ($205,142)$1,044,691 
4Crown Ranch LPBittersweet ($71,162)$837,915 
5Oxbow RanchLenas Lucinda ($88,442)$804,250 
6Rose Valley RanchSpecial Nu Boon ($135,703)$778,520 
7David & Stacie McDavidThe Silver Spoon ($138,105)$759,137 
8Wes & Kristen GalyeanSpots Hot ($242,151)$732,258 
9James HooperJae Bar One Time ($104,383)$694,528 
10Harden RanchJuly Jazz ($140,953)$690,451 
11Rock Creek Cutting Horses LLCQuintan Blue ($150,000)$651,489 
12Tommy Manion IncSmooth Going Cat ($136,285)$647,503 
13Double Dove RanchTwice In Santiago ($175,020)$636,465 
14Linda HolmesRey To Play ($123,454)$618,498 
15Patrick/Linda CollinsOh Cay Felix ($263,157)$610,569 


RankBreederTop Money EarnerEarnings
1John Waggoner & Susan FergusonA Hocus Pocus Cat ($160,143)$1,587,571 
2Center RanchCR Tuff Hearted Cat ($205,142)$1,397,868 
3Double Dove RanchOne Time Royalty ($250,000)$1,342,240 
4Bar H RancheJune Bug Dually ($160,229)$1,338,583 
5Slate River RanchHot Lookin Cat ($91,238)$1,238,589 
6Phil & Mary Ann RappStop Toying With Me ($97,513)$990,903 
7Harden RanchJuly Jazz ($140,953)$840,979 
8Linda HolmesRey To Play ($123,454)$838,088 
9Walton’s Rocking W RanchRockin W ($265,496)$790,493 
10EE Ranches of Texas IncThe Animal ($189,404)$789,404 
11Oxbow RanchBet Shes Smooth ($88,126)$735,304 
12Lonnie & Barbara AllsupJaebars Miss Quixote ($55,204)$720,305 
13King RanchLittle Tenina ($111,345)$660,860 
14Kelly SchaarPeptocandy ($147,617)$660,078 
15Tommy Manion IncStar Above ($72,709)$648,216 

Open Riders

RankRiderTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Ronnie RiceCR Tuff Hearted Cat ($205,142)$1,979,717 
2Lloyd CoxOne Time Royalty ($250,000)$1,840,609 
3Austin ShepardHigh Brow CD ($250,000)$1,438,178 
4Matt GainesSecond Spot ($225,395)$1,283,166 
5Kathy DaughnThe Gemnist ($269,740)$1,223,303 
6Jody GalyeanRoyal Silver King ($160,519)$1,111,478 
7Tag RiceChiquita Pistol ($200,000)$1,102,940 
8Bill FreemanSmart Little Lena ($267,085)$1,066,721 
9Paul HansmaPlayboy McCrae ($129,066)$924,193 
10Michael CooperYadacat ($155,739)$888,696 
11Wesley GalyeanBugattii ($200,223)$840,346 
12Gary GonsalvesRey Down Sally ($160,229)$832,581 
13Lindy BurchMis Royal Mahogany ($132,180)$817,058 
14Gary BellenfantMetallic Rey Mink ($197,786)$815,541 
15Craig Thompson Oh Cay Felix ($250,000)$814,174 

Non-Pro Riders

RankRiderTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Mary Ann RappLittle Janey Lena ($50,696)$718,896 
2Chad BushawBittersweet ($71,162)$570,052 
3Sandy BonelliShakin Flo ($58,560)$466,003 
4Paula WoodsDonas Suen Boon ($44,978)$452,599 
5Hope MitchellLannies Freckles ($63,162)$396,307 
6Kelle EarnheartBadgers Perscription ($50,735)$385,447 
7Dustin AdamsStylin Playgirl ($56,392)$328,508 
8Greg CoalsonCatywompus ($46,407)$321,252 
9Phil RappSmart Little Jerry ($53,062)$310,080 
10Kyle ManionA Cool Smoothie ($45,920)$303,020 
11Merritt WilsonSnapper Cal Bar ($65,145)$297,853 
12Armando Costa NetoSly Tabasco ($56,306)$295,076 
13G. Spencer HardenSmart Lil Jazalena ($36,951)$289,861 
14Brandon WestfallFiddle And Steel ($74,605)$274,536 
15Lindy AshlockVery Reytro ($57,019)$264,499 

Amateur Riders

RankRiderTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Glenn BarlowCantebury Star ($24,133)$80,748 
2Rocky DavisRedneck Creyzy ($44,730)$66,984 
3Tom WilliamsSofies Choice Cat ($38,760)$66,773 
4Charles Russell BushawHawk Falcon ($28,679)$66,637 
5Ken SchultzMeytallic ($33,604)$66,216 
6Marilyn Jo FranzTinas Lisa Marie ($17,255)$59,745 
7Robert TiemannCR Tuff Telecatster ($26,614)$59,029 
8Eddie YoungShady Smooth ($13,047)$55,245 
9Blake HeidNothing Comes Easy ($36,610)$53,857 
10Gary RosenbachPharrel ($13,455)$53,637 
11Traci ShehadyOnce In Love ($36,346)$52,398 
12Barnwell RamseyReyzn Checks ($21,295)$52,285 
13Marvin Marmande, JrMetallic Again ($30,514)$51,325 
14Patrick CollinsAbsolutely Oh Cay ($16,686)$50,391 
15Bella AndersonBobby Jack Cat ($36,629)$47,939