Here Comes The Boon and Lance Johnston, pictured after winning the 2019 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity. • Photo by Kate Bradley Byars

Top 15: NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Leaders

The all-time leaders from the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Snaffle Bit Futurity read like a list of who’s who in the cow horse world.

It includes modern champions who landed lucrative payouts as well as the names of people and horses who created the sport and made it what it is today. The sport will crown its newest champions in the coming weeks, as the 2021 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity runs through Oct. 23 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Here are the all-time leading horses, sires, dams, owners, riders and breeders from the show’s futurity classes through the 2020 show, as recorded in EquiStat.


1. Here Comes The Boon

Pedigree: 16S (Once In A Blu Boon x Stay Outta My Shorts x Shorty Lena)
Earnings: $165,262
Rider: Lance Johnston, Lindsay, CA
Owner: Rocking BS Ranch, Las Vegas, NV
Breeder: Randy & Sharon Butler Inc, Gainesville, Texas
Top Finishes:

2. Smokums Prize

Pedigree: 97S (Smokum Oak x Tommie Tivio Tucker x Doc Tom Tucker)
Earnings: $144,917
Riders: Ted Robinson ($101,917) and Shawn Renshaw ($43,000)
Owner: Shawn & Kim Renshaw, Santa Maria, CA
Breeder: Walter & Sharon Wright, Santa Maria, CA
Top Finishes:

  • 2000 Futurity Open Champion (Ted Robinson)*
  • 2000 Futurity Non-Pro Reserve Champion (Shawn Renshaw)

3. Plain Catty

Pedigree: 14S (Bet Hesa Cat x Miss Plain Plain x Just Plain Colonel)
Earnings: $137,000
Rider: Jake Gorrell, Porterville, CA
Owner: Kalpowar Quarter Horses, Midland, TX
Breeder: Kevin Cantrelle, Raymond, CA
Top Finishes:

4. SJR Diamond Mist

Pedigree: 15S (CD Diamond x Cat Mist x High Brow Cat
Earnings: $128,000
Rider: Corey Cushing, Scottsdale, AZ
Owner: San Juan Ranch, Weatherford, TX
Breeder: San Juan Ranch, Weatherford, TX
Top Finishes:

4. Selvarey

Pedigree: 17M (Dual Rey x Shine Smarter x WR This Cats Smart)
Earnings: $125,000
Rider: Sarah Dawson, Perrin, TX
Owner: Sheri Jamieson, La Jolla, CA
Breeder: Richard & Cheryl Winters, Poolville, TX
Top Finishes:

* Shawn Renshaw qualified Smokums Prize for the Open, but was injured and unable to ride the horse in the finals. Ted Robinson catch rode for him, and won the Open Championship.


RankSireTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Shining SparkShiney Lil Miss ($85,000)$1,488,130 
2One Time PeptoTime For The Diamond ($113,300)$1,189,130 
3Metallic CatRicato Suave ($95,845)$921,280 
4WR This Cats SmartShine Smarter ($69,306)$872,967 
5Smart Chic OlenaSmart Crackin Chic ($124,750)$856,175 
6Very Smart RemedyVery Black Magic ($77,371)$599,371 
7Dual ReySelvarey ($125,000)$552,413 
8Nu CashSmart Little Cash ($74,250)$530,837 
9PeptoboonsmalBoonlight Dancer ($101,375)$515,441 
10Bet Hesa CatPlain Catty ($137,000)$433,917 
11Smooth As A CatSmooth N Cash ($51,000)$405,179 
12Grays StarlightDiamond J Star ($61,563)$403,311 
13Smart Little PepinicBlack Pearl ($103,203)$401,779 
14CD LightsStep To The Light ($51,500)$387,904 
15Mister Dual PepPlaygirls Miss Grace ($65,000)$387,667 


1. Lil Miss Shiney Chex

Pedigree: 02M (Shining Spark x Lil Miss Smarty Chex x Smart Little Lena)
Total Progeny Earnings: $230,361
MoneyEarning Performers: 5
Top 3 Earners:

2. Magical Lena

Pedigree: 95M (Little Lenas Legend x Swayback Magic x Early Tink)
Total Progeny Earnings: $224,752
MoneyEarning Performers: 9
Top 3 Earners:

  • Very Black Magic ($77,204, by Very Smart Remedy)
  • Magicality ($41,250, by Very Smart Remedy)
  • More Magic Please ($31,250, by Very Smart Remedy)

3. Katie Starlight

Pedigree: 93M (Grays Starlight x Colonel Gunsmoke x Colonel Freckles)
Total Progeny Earnings: $220,625
Money-Earning Performers: 5
Top 3 Earners:

4. Shiney Tari

Pedigree: 00M (Shining Spark x Tarizana x Taris Catalyst)
Total Progeny Earnings: $211,054
MoneyEarning Performers: 6
Top 3 Earners:

  • Shine Smarter ($69,306, by WR This Cats Smart)
  • Smart Chic An Tari ($58,167, by Smart Chic Olena)
  • Lighten Up Boss ($35,000, by CD Lights)

5. Lil Miss Smarty Chex 

Pedigree: 87M (Smart Little Lena x Miss Reed Chex x Bueno Chex)
Total Progeny Earnings: $205,722
MoneyEarning Performers: 6
Top 3 Earners:

  • Shiney Lil Miss ($85,000, by Shining Spark)
  • Smart Little Cash ($74,250, by Nu Cash)
  • Lil Miss Shiney Chex ($41,342, by Shining Spark)
RankDamTop Money EarnerEarnings
6Soula Jule ForeverBe Hes Black ($91,000)$183,431 
7Stay Outta My ShortsHere Comes The Boon ($165,262)$165,262 
8Moonstruck CatMoonstruck Pepto ($78,313)$161,136 
9Cookies CookinMeradas Cookin Now ($83,125)$159,819 
10Shirley McLainShirley Shine ($49,250)$150,820 
11IsabellenaPlain Wright ($86,582)$146,582 
12ShinersdiamondjackieStep To The Light ($51,500)$145,013 
13Tommie Tivio TuckerSmokums Prize ($144,031)$144,031 
14Shiners Diamond GirlCD Diamond ($113,000)$144,031 
15Miss Plain PlainPlain Catty ($137,000)$139,370 


RankOwnerTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Annie ReynoldsVery Shiney ($53,095)$579,470 
2Ward RanchBlack Pearl ($103,203)$527,315 
3San Juan RanchSJR Diamond Mist ($128,000)$493,018 
4Holy Cow Performance HorsesStarlight Kisses ($100,000)$431,288 
5Jim & Dema PaulPrimos Bob Acre ($65,473)$406,317 
6Gardiner Quarter HorsesPlain Wright ($86,582)$392,266 
7Alan & Kay NeedleShine Like Hail ($73,994)$387,811 
8Joyce PearsonVery Black Magic ($77,204)$350,498 
9Kevin & Sydney KnightOh Cay N Short ($101,500)$314,671 
10Eric FreitasScooter Kat ($87,000)$297,599 
11Jame & Jo Anne CarolloPlan To Win (PT) $72,529$264,193 
12Shawn & Kim RenshawSmokums Prize ($145,453)$263,704 
13DT Horses/Dean TuftinNineteen Ten ($117,391)$259,082 
14Miller Land And Livestock Bucks Genuine Fever ($32,915)$254,561 
15Walter Greeman & Tammy HaysSDP Got Fancy Genes ($25,217)$232,984 


RankBreederTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Carol RoseNineteen Ten ($104,167)$1,033,899 
2Ward RanchBlack Pearl ($103,203)$740,245 
3Gardiner Quarter HorsesTime For The Diamond ($113,300)$573,846 
4San Juan RanchSJR Diamond Mist ($128,000)$573,693 
5Joyce PearsonVery Black Magic ($77,204)$432,250 
6Annie ReynoldsVery Shiney ($49,918)$423,375 
7Wagonhound Land & LivestockAnnies One Time ($70,000)$381,831 
8Walter & Sharon WrightSmokums Prize ($144,917)$337,522 
9Arcese Quarter HorsesMoonstruck Pepto ($78,313)$329,374 
10Holy Cow Performance HorsesStarlight Kisses ($100,000)$279,590 
11Kit & Charlie MoncriefFabulous Fletch ($75,000)$266,107 
12Matthews Cutting Horses LLCMoonstruck One Time ($70,450)$254,099 
13Kathy & Gary BentonMeradas Cookin Now ($83,125)$243,053 
14Center RanchCR Woody Dig It ($47,002)$240,842 
15Sierra Oak RanchDiamond J Star ($61,563)$195,370 

Open Riders

RankRiderTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Todd BergenShiners Dun Juan ($102,625)$1,128,456 
2Corey CushingSJR Diamond Mist ($128,000)$1,034,472 
3Todd CrawfordSmart Crackin Chic ($124,750)$1,030,134 
4Boyd RicePlayin Attraction ($103,722)$841,831 
5Ted RobinsonSmokums Prize ($101,917)$746,985 
6Zane DavisReymanator ($102,750)$633,349 
7Jon RoeserShiney Lil Miss ($85,000)$599,462 
8Jake TelfordStarlight Kisses ($100,000)$560,275 
9Bob Avila Chics Magic Potion ($100,875)$510,057 
10Justin WrightScooter Kat ($87,000)$466,628 
11John WardBlack Pearl ($100,417)$454,214 
12Chris DawsonShiney Nu Annie ($80,000)$448,802 
13Sarah DawsonSelvarey ($125,000)$418,399 
14Lance JohnstonHere Comes The Boon ($165,262)$414,015 
15Kelby PhillipsNineteen Ten ($104,167)$411,906 

Non-Pro Riders

RankRiderTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Annie ReynoldsLegendary Colonel ($42,375)$526,425 
2Dema PaulMissin No Chex ($50,563)$293,516 
3Laurie RichardsJusta Hot Chic ($40,250)$251,261 
4Jo Anne CorolloPlan To Win (PT) ($42,375)$212,107 
5Mike MillerFirecat Flashenfever ($24,453)$195,834 
6Tammy Jo HaysSDP Got Fancy Genes ($25,219)$170,907 
7Eric FreitasRosas Royal Chic ($16,250)$134,718 
8Shawn RenshawSmokums Prize ($39,250)$131,718 
9Jayson FisherKeg Of Jules ($17,542)$94,079 
10John McCartyMister Diamond Shine ($33,275)$89,249 
11Debbie CraftonDualin Alittle Time ($40,900)$86,730 
12Michelle CowanWheres My Shine ($30,925)$76,695 
13Nelle MurphyGotta Git Ya Dun ($29,675)$71,758 
14Kathy WilsonSmart Serendipity ($11,900)$70,183 
15Bret PaulickIllbeyourhickleberry ($33,676)$67,268