Third Cutting earned his place among the all-time leaders in the history of the NCHA Summer Spectacular. • Photo by Suzanne Forrest

Top 15: NCHA Summer Spectacular All-Time Leaders

The competition is always intense at the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Metallic Cat Summer Spectacular, and titles are difficult to win at the event held annually in Fort Worth, Texas.

That’s because some of the best cutting horses in history have competed at the event, and the show’s lists of all-time money winners read like a who’s who of the sport. The show, which started July 18 and continues through Aug. 8, is held at the historic Will Rogers Memorial Center.

Here are the all-time leading horses, sires, dams, riders, owners and breeders in the history of the NCHA Summer Spectacular, according to EquiStat.


1. Third Cutting

Pedigree: 05S (Boonlight Dancer x Crab Grass x Smart Little Lena)
Earnings: $129,174
Rider: Boyd Rice, Weatherford, TX
Owner: Carl & Shawnea Smith, Jacksboro, TX
Breeder: Polo Ranch, Marietta, OK
Top Finishes:

  • 2009 Derby Open Champion
  • 2010 Classic/Challenge Open Champion
  • 2011 Classic/Challenge Open finalist
2. Sister CD

Pedigree: 02G (CD Olena x Little Baby Sister x Dual Pep)
Earnings: $128,038
Riders: Paul Hansma, Weatherford, TX ($78,098); Skip Queen, Allendale, SC ($31,691); and Elizabeth Queen, Allendale, SC ($18,249).
Owner: Skip & Elizabeth Queen, Allendale, SC
Breeder: Bar H Ranche, Weatherford, TX
Top Finishes:

  • 2006 Derby Open Reserve Champion & third place in Derby Non-Pro
  • 2007 third place in Classic/Challenge Open & finalist in Classic/Challenge Non-Pro
  • 2008 third place in Classic/Challenge Non-Pro
3. Boon San Kitty

Pedigree: 00M (High Brow Cat x Boon San Sally x Boon Bar)
Earnings: $119,613
Rider: Ed Flynn, Lipan, TX
Owner: Walton’s Rocking W Ranch, Millsap, TX
Breeder: Walton’s Rocking W Ranch, Millsap, TX
Top Finishes:

  • 2004 Derby Open finalist
  • 2005 Classic/Challenge Open Champion
  • 2006 Classic/Challenge Open Champion
4. Shakin Flo

Pedigree: 94M (Mr Peponita Flo x Shakin Cee x Colonel Freckles)
Earnings: $98,449
Rider: Sandy Bonelli, Petaluma, CA
Owner: Sandy Bonelli, Petaluma, CA
Breeder: Kenneth Hill, Placerville, CA
Top Finishes:

  • 1998 Derby Open finalist
  • 1999 Classic/Challenge Open Champion & Classic/Challenge Non-Pro Reserve Champion
  • 2000 Classic/Challenge Non-Pro Champion
5. Peptos Stylish Sue

Pedigree: 04M (Peptos Stylish Oak x Bancita Sue Olena x Mr Freckles Olena)
Earnings: $92,248
Riders: Boyd Rice, Weatherford, TX ($83,000); Lee Holsey, Lovelady, TX ($9,248)
Owner: Holsey Cutting Horses, Lovelady, TX
Breeder: Tongue River Ranch, Paducah, TX
Top Finishes:

  • 2008 Derby Open Champion
  • 2009 Classic/Challenge Non-Pro & Amateur finalist
  • 2010 Classic/Challenge Amateur finalist
6Quintan Blue01M (Mecom Blue x Quiolena x CD Olena)$90,737
7Stylish Martini07M (Docs Stylish Oak x Miss martini Play x Freckles Playboy)$89,362
8Pounce06M (High Brow Cat x Haidas Little Shorty x Haidas Little Pep)$86,170
9Docs Okie Quixote80S (Doc Quixote x Jimmette Too x Johnny Tivio)$85,305
10Reyzin The Cash11S (Dual Rey x Spookys Cash x Miss N Cash)$85,080
11SL Jaybird02G (Smart Little Jerry x Peyote Bird x Hickoryote)$82,804
12Wood I Never03M (Zack T Wood x Curly Gray Hair x Grays Starlight)$81,405
13Moms Stylish Player12G (Lizzys Gotta Player x Moms Stylish Babe x Docs Stylish Oak)$78,309
14Duals Play Kit00M (Kit Dual x Playgiarism x Freckles Playboy)$76,021
15Catillac Reys14G (Metallic Cat x Tootsie Rey x Dual Rey)$75,573


RankSireTop Money EarnerEarnings
1High Brow CatBoon San Kitty ($119,613)$5,430,495
2Dual ReyReyzin The Cash ($85,080)$3,214,032
3Metallic CatCatillac Reys ($75,573)$2,705,105
4Smart Little LenaPlayin N Fancy Smart ($69,140)$2,050,987
5Smooth As A CatSmooth Asa Zee ($55,240)$1,874,723
6Dual PepDual Rey Me ($66,695)$1,846,669
7PeptoboonsmalOnce In A Blu Boon ($74,243)$1,520,917
8Freckles PlayboyDesire Some Freckles ($69,203)$1,378,471
9Peppy San BadgerPeppymint Twist ($57,687)$1,249,551
10CD OlenaSister CD ($128,038)$1,033,291
11High Brow CDCrafty With Cows ($70,032)$825,274
12One Time PeptoOne Time Royalty ($37,025)$808,375
13Docs Stylish OakStylish Martini ($89,362)$725,138
14Doc O’LenaDox Tronalena ($65,604)$720,306
15Doc’s HickoryHicapoo ($32,207)$695,045


1. Desire Some Freckles

Pedigree: 95M (Freckles Playboy x Genuine Desire x Genuine Doc)
Progeny Earnings:  $200,652
Money-Earning Performers: 12
Top 3 Earners:

2. Autumn Boon

Progeny Earnings:  $185,778
Money-Earning Performers: 15
Top 3 Earners:

3. Sweet Abra

Pedigree: 03M (Abrakadabracre x The Better Choice x SR Instant Choice)
Progeny Earnings:  $183,327
Money-Earning Performers: 11
Top 3 Earners:

4. Highbrow Supercat

Pedigree: 02M (High Brow Cat x Holly Dolly Too x Colonel Freckles)
Progeny Earnings:  $181,786
Money-Earning Performers: 11
Top 3 Earners:

  • Lil Rattler ($69,246, by Dual Rey)
  • Button Down Supercat ($58,001, by Dual Rey)
  • Superey ($16,580, by Dual Rey)
5. Little Baby Sister

Pedigree: 95M (Dual Pep x San Jo Pat x San Jo Lena)
Progeny Earnings:  $173,555
Money-Earning Performers: 6
Top 3 Earners:

  • Sister CD ($128,038, by CD Olena)
  • Little Kitty Sista ($20,280, by High Brow Cat)
  • Sisters My Brother ($12,626, by CD Olena)
RankDamTop Money EarnerEarnings
6Miss Echo WoodWoodys Wildest Cat ($51,652, by High Brow Cat)$166,768
7Laney DocCat Ichi ($75,000, by High Brow Cat)$165,326
8Stylish Play LenaHottish ($61,650, by Spots Hot)$164,905
9PlaygiarismDuals Play Kit ($76,021, by Kit Dual)$162,603
10Boon San SallyBoon San Kitty ($119,613, by High Brow Cat)$157,610
11Royal Blue BoonRed White And Boon ($36,021, by Smart Little Lena)$156,774
12Miss Martini PlayStylish Martini ($89,362, by Docs Stylish Oak)$144,623
13Hissy CatHisstereya ($28,672, by Dual Rey)$143,010
14Lil Lena Long LegsTwo Time Dual ($68,856, by Dual Rey)$142,563
15Shes Pretty SmoothMiss Meow ($47,937, by High Brow Cat)$141,919


RankOwnerTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Slate River RanchPlayin N Fancy Smart ($69,140)$843,302
2Phil & Mary Ann RappTap O Lena ($56,197)$678,112
3David & Stacie McDavidPretty Bo Bunny ($41,321)$664,014
4Anderson Cattle CompanyCats Quixote Jack ($43,934)$576,687
5Walton’s Rocking W RanchBoon San Kitty ($119,613)$535,872
6Dustin & Deena AdamsHottish ($61,650)$499,735
7Rock Creek Cutting Horses LLCPet Squirrel ($63,629)$458,255
8Kobie & Paula WoodSuen Too Be Black ($41,082)$452,943
9Skip & Elizabeth QueenSister CD ($128,038)$451,146
10EE Ranches of Texas IncCat Ichi ($75,000)$427,121
11SMF Cutting Horss LLCLil Rattler ($69,246)$417,932
12Crown Ranch LPBet On A Cat ($62,649)$417,610
13Bar H RancheDual Pep ($35,957)$393,625
14Wes & Kristen Galyean Spots Hot ($66,899)$367,290
15Sandy BonelliShakin Flo ($98,449)$363,136


RankBreederTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Bar H RancheSister CD ($128,038)$928,723
2John Waggoner & Susan FergusonThat Cool Cat ($57,988)$839,115
3Slate River RanchPlayin N Fancy Smart ($69,140)$836,105
4EE Ranches of Texas IncCat Ichi ($75,000)$659,661
5Walton’s Rocking W RanchBoon San Kitty ($119,613)$633,225
6Double Dove RanchHottish ($61,650)$604,066
7Phil & Mary Ann RappDont Look Twice ($60,117)$564,315
8Oxbow RanchDox Tronalena ($65,604)$526,532
9Tommy Manion IncMiss Meow ($47,937)$422,911
10Center RanchCR Tuff Lucy ($64,625)$391,369
11Drummond Land And CattleMoms Stylish Player ($78,309)$389,484
12Billy MartinBuzzted ($54,126)$313,777
13Dr. Woody Bartlett, DVMDesire A Lil Pepto ($36,920)$309,748
14SDP Buffalo RanchSomethingtobelievein ($44,010)$302,187
15Fults Ranch, LTDChampayne Dreams ($54,950)$294,484

Open Riders

RankRiderTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Paul HansmaSister CD ($78,098)$867,578
2Lloyd CoxStylish Play Lena ($74,681)$720,292
3John MitchellJunie Wood ($47,004)$574,027
4Matt GainesNu I Wood ($70,485)$561,348
5Clint AllenWood I Never ($81,405)$557,782
6Kobie WoodThat Cool Cat ($57,988)$536,987
7Boyd RiceThird Cutting ($129,174)$512,195
8Austin ShepardWidows Intentions ($47,469)$474,959
9Shannon HallRoyal Red Pepto ($68,373)$436,624
10Wes GalyeanLil Rattler ($69,246)$427,348
11Ed FlynnBoon San Kitty ($119,613)$427,330
12Phil RappDont Look Twice ($60,117)$423,699
13Roger WagnerStylish Martini ($89,362)$409,808
14Jason ClarkMates Little Cokette ($54,784)$398,050
15Ronnie RiceI Was Squeaky Clean ($45,660)$397,074

Non-Pro Riders

RankRiderTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Chad BushawBet On A Cat ($34,006)$355,266
2Mary Ann RappShrimp Shack Shooter ($25,818)$355,304
3Paula WoodSuen Too Be Black ($34,479)$319,214
4Dustin AdamsReyann Hickory ($35,278)$317,555
5Kyle ManionA Smooth Dually ($21,764)$269,132
6Greg CoalsonQuejanaisalena ($23,619)$268,089
7Sandy BonelliShakin Flo ($33,524)$246,797
8Glade KnightPlayin N Fancy Peppy ($25,220)$225,054
9Kristen GalyeanIm Reydioactive ($36,268)$211,761
10Julie HansmaBob Dualin ($44,464)$205,343
11Hope MitchellSmooth Mitch ($23,204)$191,565
12Stacie McDavid Pretty Bo Bunny ($38,871)$189,629
13James VangilderPet Squirrel ($35,349)$170,780
14Elizabeth QueenSister CD ($18,249)$169,196
15Kelle EarnheartBadgers Perscription ($22,202)$166,157

Amateur Riders

RankRiderTop Money EarnerEarnings
1Doug PritchettDual Glen Rey 012 ($13,002)$63,274
2Carol WardCrafty With Cows ($34,168)$61,074
3Hilary WatsonDouble Cat Flash ($17,220)$56,879
4Barnwell RamseyAutumn Ruby Reys ($19,074)$54,520
5Lica PinkstonStylish Metallic Cat ($13,705)$52,739
6Langston PattilloHigh Stylin CD ($31,509)$48,847
7John BrengardSmooth As A Huntress ($13,237)$46,888
8Stacie McDavidDMAC Piccolo Pete ($19,881)$46,254
9Gayle TrotterSweet Frickles ($21,649)$44,421
10Robert TiemannMates Mister Sunette ($16,087)$43,031
11Jimmy BarosTwo Time Dual ($38,211)$42,327
12Michelle ReichartSweet Liil Prime Time ($17,036)$41,359
13Jim ShortDual Ticket ($16,495)$40,463
14Viki WilliamsonMetallic Prince ($17,761)$39,989
15Mark SennSweet Metallic CD 16 ($10,396)$39,336