Two-time NRHA Derby Open champions Guaranteed A Magnum and Jimmy van der Hoeven. • Waltenberry Photo.

Top 15: NRHA Derby All-Time Leaders

The NRHA Derby is one of the most prestigious reining events on the calendar, and has regularly showcased the sport’s best horses, riders and bloodstock.

With the help of Equi-Stat, Quarter Horse News crunched the numbers to find the top money-earning horses, riders, stallions and mares in the history of the NRHA Derby through the start of the 2021 show.


Some horses really shine in their derby years, and that’s been the case in the NRHA Derby. The top money-earning horses in the history of the show often made multiple appearances at the top of the show.

1. Guaranteed A Magnum

Pedigree: 13G (Magnum With A Dream x Guaranteed By Amos x Primary Pine)
Earnings: $164,715
Rider: Jimmy van der Hoeven
Owner: Kathy & Casey Hinton
Breeder: Carl & Vicki Lambert, Hempstead, TX
Top Finishes:

Two-Time Open Champion (2018 & 2019)

2. Not Ruf At All

Pedigree: 10S (A Sparkling Vintage x All Ruffed Up x Lil Ruf Peppy)
Earnings: $111,067
Rider: Jason Vanlandingham
Owner: Vaughn Zimmerman
Breeder: Pietra Zeitler, Valley View, TX
Top Finishes:

• 2014 Open Champion, 2016 Open Co-Reserve Champion

3. Commanders Nic

Pedigree: 99S (Boomernic x Miss Bam Bam Command x Docs Fritzie Command)
Earnings: $104,946
Rider: Craig Schmersal
Owner: Craig & Ginger Schmersal
Breeder: Shannon Jones, Queen Creek, AZ
Top Finishes:

• 2004 Open Champion, 2003 Open Reserve Champion

4. Wimpys Little Chic

Pedigree: 04M (Wimpys Little Step x Collena Chic Olena x Smart Chic Olena)
Earnings: $93,762
Rider: Shawn Flarida
Owner: Arcese Quarter Horses
Breeder: Double Run Farm, Leland, NC
Top Finishes:

• 2008 Open Champion

5. Tinker With Guns

Pedigree: 06S (Colonels Smoking Gun [Gunner] x Tinker Nic x Reminic)
Earnings: $92,333
Rider: Andrea Fappani
Owner: Rancho Oso Rio LLC, Scottsdale, AZ
Breeder: Rancho Oso Rio LLC, Scottsdale, AZ
Top Finishes:

• 2011 Open Champion, 2012 Open Co-Reserve Champion

6A Vintage Smoke15S (A Sparkling Vintage x Lady Smoke Peppy x Mister Dual Pep)$87,643 
7KR Lil Conquistador02G (Conquistador Whiz x Smart Little Prize x Smart And Trouble)$84,628 
8Pinesail Jac11S (Tinsel Jac x Sailin Lil Ruf x Lil Ruf Peppy)$81,585 
9Platinum Vintage10S (A Sparkling Vintage x Starjac Miss x Hollywood Jac 86)$80,068 
10No Smoking Required13S (Colonels Smoking Gun [Gunner] x Icing Required x Smart Chic Olena)$78,077 
11Shining In Town13S (Hollywoodstinseltown x Shine Ann x Shining Spark)$77,041 
12Patriot15S (Smart Spook x Dunit A Lil Ruf x Lil Ruf Peppy)$74,132 
13ARC Gunna Mark Ya12M (Gunnatrashya x Shiney Miss Marker x Shining Spark)$73,269 
14Master Snapper01S (Snapper Cal Bar x Colonel Mistress x Great Master Wake)$69,050 
15RC Fancy Step04G (Wimpys Little Step x Sonita Wilson x Doc Wilson)$68,266 


Some of the top trainers in the business – and a few stellar non-pros – are among the leading riders in the history of the NRHA Derby.

RankRiderTop Money-Earning MountEarnings
1Shawn FlaridaWimpys Little Chic ($93,762)$756,320 
2Andrea FappaniTinker With Guns ($91,333)$651,246 
3Craig SchmersalCommanders Nic ($104,946)$524,734 
4Jason VanlandinghamNot Ruf At All ($111,067)$416,159 
5Todd BergenPlatinum Vintage ($70,728)$367,869 
6Tim McQuayRR Star ($50,160)$359,206 
7Duane LatimerCustom Cash Advance ($46,378)$350,788 
8Mandy McCutcheonI Spin For Chics ($31,055)$333,828 
9Casey DearyMagnum Starlights ($64,782)$319,778 
10Jordan LarsonHF Mobster ($62,550)$300,935 
11Dell HendricksStarbucks Sidekick ($64,713)$223,657 
12Jimmy van der HoevenGuaranteed A Magnum ($164,715)$221,545 
13Brent WrightCustom Pistol ($54,973)$206,529 
14Tom McCutcheonSmart Starbuck ($23,284)$198,592 
15Cade McCutcheonShes Got Good Guns ($55,411)$183,494 


The all-time leading sire in the NRHA Derby is Equi-Stat Elite $13 Million Sire Colonels Smoking Gun (Gunner), who also has two sires on this list.

1Colonels Smoking Gun (Gunner)(Colonelfourfreckle x Katie Gun x John Gun)$1,426,227 
2Wimpys Little Step(Nu Chex To Cash x Leolita Step x Forty Seven)$993,220 
3Topsail Whiz(Topsail Cody x Jeanie Whiz Bar x Cee Red)$969,909 
4Magnum Chic Dream(Smart Chic Olena x Sailin Barbee x Topsail Cody)$705,077 
5Hollywood Dun It(Hollywood Jac 86 x Blossom Berry x Dun Berry)$600,513 
6Smart Spook(Smart Chic Olena x Sugarplum Spook x Grays Starlight)$570,193 
7Smart Chic Olena(Smart Little Lena x Gay Sugar Chic x Gay Bar King)$546,005 
8Shining Spark(Genuine Doc x Diamonds Sparkle x Mr Diamond Dude)$475,710 
9A Sparkling Vintage(Shining Spark x Vintage Badger x Peppy San Badger)$402,840 
10Custom Crome(Crome Plated Jac x Another Greyhound x Greyhound Step)$399,053 
11Gunnatrashya(Gunner x Natrasha x Trashadeous)$367,615 
12Jacs Electric Spark(Shining Spark x Miss Hello Hollywood x Hollywood Jac 86)$354,396 
13Spooks Gotta Whiz(Spooks Gotta Gun x Prettywhizprettydoes x Topsail Whiz)$332,633 
14Gunners Special Nite(Gunner x Mifs Doll x Mifillena)$313,934 
15Boomernic(Reminic x Docs Leavem Smoke x Mr Gun Smoke)$271,377 


Many mares have made a mark on the NRHA Derby, with several broodmares foaling multiple money-earning offspring in the great event.

1. Dun It For Chex

Pedigree:  96M (Hollywood Dun It x Silver N Blue Chex x Docs Silver N Blue)
Progeny Earnings:  $208,487
Money winners: 11
Top Earners:

  • Starbucks Sidekick ($64,713, by Smart Starbuck)
  • Dun It For Whizkey ($56,955, by Topsail Whiz)
  • Gun N For Glory ($36,870, by Gunner)

2. Guaranteed By Amos

Pedigree:  04M (Primary Pine x Okies Paulette x Okie Paul Quixote)
Progeny Earnings:  $167,307
Money winners: 2
Top Earners:

  • Guaranteed A Magnum ($164,715, by Magnum With A Dream)
  • Guaranteed By Tag ($2,592, by Whiz N Tag Chex)

3. Wimpys Little Chic

Pedigree:  04M (Wimpys Little Step x Collena Chic Olena x Smart Chic Olena)
Progeny Earnings:  $137,399
Money winners: 6
Top Earners:

4. Dunit A Lil Ruf

Pedigree:  07M (Lil Ruf Peppy x A Bueno Poco Dunit x Hollywood Dun It)
Progeny Earnings:  $134,887
Money winners: 6
Top Earners:

  • Patriot ($74,132, by Smart Spook)
  • Ruf Lil Magnum ($23,885, by Magnum Chic Dream)
  • Dunit At Nite ($16,132, by Gunners Special Nite)

5. Ebony Shines

Pedigree:  99M (Shining Spark x Ebony Whiz x Topsail Whiz)
Progeny Earnings:  $124,813
Money winners: 9
Top Earners:

  • Shine N Spook ($38,504, by Smart Spook)
  • Hang Ten And Shine ($31,383, by Hang Ten Surprize)
  • Shine Chic Shine ($24,652, by Smart Chic Olena)

6. All Ruffed Up

Pedigree:  05M (Lil Ruf Peppy x Double Wind Chill x Double R Doc)
Progeny Earnings:  $118,191
Money winners: 3
Top Earners:

  • Not Ruf At All ($111,067, by A Sparkling Vintage)
  • All American Vintage ($5,867, by A Sparkling Vintage)
  • Ruffed Up Spooks ($1,256, by Spooks Gotta Gun)

7. Snip O Gun

Pedigree:  93M (One Gun x Miss Kim O Lena x Doc O’Lena)
Progeny Earnings:  $115,769
Money winners: 10
Top Earners:

  • Big Chex To Cash ($40,673, by Nu Chex To Cash)
  • Snip O One ($25,518, by A Sparkling Vintage)
  • Snip O Chex ($15,008, by Nu Chex To Cash)

8. Princess In Diamonds

Pedigree:  98M (Shining Spark x Eyed Be A Princess x Eyed Be Impressive)
Progeny Earnings:  $115,253
Money winners: 12
Top Earners:

  • Surprizentheprincess ($38,760, by Jerry Lees Surprise)
  • Whizkey N Diamonds ($21,579, by Topsail Whiz)
  • Knaughtybyknature ($16,096, by Magnum Chic Dream)

9. Miss Tinseltown

Pedigree:  94M (Great Red Pine x Ms Holywood Showtime x Docs Showtime)
Progeny Earnings:  $113,936
Money winners: 9
Top Earners:

  • Hollywoodstinseltown ($48,000, by Hollywood Dun It)
  • Gunners Tinseltown ($38,081, by Gunner)
  • Hollywood Downtown ($24,068, by Hollywood Dun It)

10. Tinker Nic

Pedigree:  98M (Reminic x Hunny Gunny x One Gun)
Progeny Earnings:  $108,022
Money winners: 4
Top Earners:

  • Tinker With Guns ($92,333, by Gunner)
  • White Gunpowder ($12,337, by Gunner)
  • Tinker With Diamonds ($3,334, by Like A Diamond [PT])

RankYOB/PedigreeEarnersTotal $$$
11Dolittle Lena97M (Shining Spark x Freckled Lena x Freckles Playboy)5$105,569 
12Miss Bam Bam Command91M (Docs Fritzie Command x Docs Farrach Chex x Bueno Chex)1$104,946 
13My Lucky Moonstone95M (Topsail Whiz x My Moon Stone Chex x King Fritz)11$96,665 
14Collena Chic Olena95M (Smart Chic Olena x Collena Freckles x Colonel Freckles)1$93,762 
15Dun Its Black Gold98M (Hollywood Dun It x Zanas center Stage x Skip’N Stage)4$87,726