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Program Connects International Riders with AQHA World Show Advisor

The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is seeking international members interested in working with one of the association’s professional horseman with the goal of attending its World Show.

Called the AQHA World Show Advisor Program, it will name an AQHA Professional Horseman to serve as the international member’s World Show Advisor. The advisors will encourage their member’s riding goals, connect them with horses or trainers, and also shed light on the commitment of activities related to AQHA world show preparation and exhibition. 

According to AQHA, each AQHA World Show Adviser will provide the following:

  • At least one free consultation with the interested international member, outlining the expectations and timeline of the specific AQHA world show.
  • An explanation of international qualification and participation requirements.
  • Clarify the AQHA international horse leasing experience and form.
  • Connect the international member with a trainer and/or horse.
  • Provide a general estimate of expenses related to exhibiting at an AQHA world show.

AQHA World Show Horse Lease

The association also is providing more information on how international members can lease horses for the World Show that are owned by AQHA Professional Horsemen in the United States.

The AQHA International Lease for World Championship Shows allows international exhibitors who are interested in competing at an AQHA world show the ability to participate by leasing an American Quarter Horse in the United States. To better connect international exhibitors with potential horses, an International Lease Horse Request Form has been created to notify AQHA Professional Horsemen of international exhibitors interested in leasing a horse.