The lights went out at Jim Norick Arena Thursday night after an incident on the grounds of State Fair Park. • Courtesy photo.

Lights Out! Power Outage Can’t Dim Tinker With Dreams & Dany Tremblay

Some very interesting things have happened at Jim Norick Arena over the years, but this year’s was a doozy.

This time, it happened Thursday evening as the final few horses were preparing to compete in the Open preliminaries of the 6666 National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Derby, presented by Markel.

Dany Tremblay and Tinker With Dreams had just scored a class-high 224 when the lights went out at Jim Norick Arena due to a power outage across a section of the show grounds at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City.

Officials say the outage was caused by exhibitor from the reining show hitting a power pole with her trailer.

Scott Munz, spokesman for show venue Oklahoma State Fair, said the outage happened about 6 p.m. Thursday when a driver was pulling a trailer out of the east R.V. lot. He said one of the trailer’s pop-outs, or slide-outs, was still open and hit a primary power pole, breaking it.

A crew from OGE Energy Corp brought a new power pole to replace the one that broke, he said.

“She literally snapped the thing – we have it on video – snapped the pole in half, and half the pole was dangling from a wire on top of the trailer, and the other half was just bent over in the ground,” Munz said.

He said no one was hurt in the incident, and the video showed the woman driving was not trapped in her truck. Power was restored to part of the show grounds within a few hours, though it took longer to restore service to the remaining affected portions such as the RV park, Munz said.

Due to the power outage, officials with the NRHA had the final eight horses in the Open prelims make their runs on Friday morning before the first section of Non-Pro finals.

Top Open Prelim Scores & Bubble Scores

Level 4 Open:

  • Top Score: 224, Dany Tremblay & Tinker With Dreams (Tinker With Guns x This Chicsdundreamin x Magnum Chic Dream)
  • Bubble: 218.5

Level 3 Open

  • Top Score: 222.5, Gunny Mathison & Shes Reddy On Line (Shine On Line x Guns R Reddy x Nic It In The Bud)
  • Bubble: 215.5

Level 2 Open

  • Top Score: 217, Franky Vazquez & Whizin Off With Guns (Tinker With Guns x Whizin Off Sparks x Topsail Whiz)
  • Bubble: 212

Level 1 Open

  • Top Score: 217, Franky Vazquez & Whizin Off With Guns (Tinker With Guns x Whizin Off Sparks x Topsail Whiz)
  • Bubble: 206