Toddy Pitard is the next Vice President of the National Cutting Horse Association. • QHN File Photo.

Toddy Pitard Wins NCHA Vice President Election

The next vice president of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) will be Toddy Pitard.

The NCHA announced Saturday that Pitard, from El Dorado, Arkansas, won with 1,976 votes, which was 55.4 percent of those cast. He ran against trainer Tatum Rice.

“I have always had a love and passion for the NCHA,” Pitard said in a statement released by the NCHA. “I am optimistic that the ship is moving in the right direction. With our strong executive board and our new executive director, I believe that the future is promising, and I just do not want the ship to veer off course.”

The position of vice president is part of a three-year term on the NCHA’s officer team: office holders first serve one year as vice president, then a year as president elect and then a year as president of the Fort Worth, Texas-based association.

The outgoing president of NCHA is Steve Norris. Ora Diehl is the president elect and Ted Sokol was the most recent vice president.

Pitard has been an NCHA member since 2004 and over the past 17 years has been involved in nearly every sector of the industry including owning horses, competing, judging, and breeding, both on the mare and stallion side.