Tulsa is going to be a happening place in May, 2022, and officials with the Breeder's Invitational say that's a reason to book a hotel room ASAP. • QHN File Photo.

Hotel Room Crunch Looms Over 2022 Breeder’s Invitational

This year’s Breeder’s Invitational cutting isn’t over yet, but officials say anyone who’s planning on coming in 2022 should reserve their hotel rooms ASAP.

Next year’s Breeder’s Invitational, scheduled for May 13-28, will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the same time as two other major events: the 2022 Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Championship and the IRONMAN North American Championship Tulsa.

Breeder’s Invitational Executive Director Bob O’Bannon said the additional influx of people from these two events is expected to increase competition for existing hotel rooms and recreational vehicle spots. Lodging in the city of Tulsa also could be considerably more expensive for those who wait to reserve rooms.

The 2022 PGA Championship will be held May 16-22 at the Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa. The IRONMAN is right afterward on May 23.

“They have an IRONMAN every year – that’s going on right now, which they’ll have next year, too – but also next year they’re going to have a PGA tournament at the same time as our show,” O’Bannon said. “And, whenever that happens, they eat up all the hotels around. So, if you if you don’t book a room now, you’re liable to pay double or triple rates – if you can get one in town. You may wind up staying 30 miles away.”

The urgency to get lodging nailed down isn’t just limited to hotel rooms. O’Bannon said recreational vehicle spots also could get snapped up quickly and sitting on the sidelines could cost a pretty penny.

“They told me that all of the support staff with the PGA, that’s where they put them [in recreational vehicle spots],” he said. “So again, if you don’t get a spot [soon], you probably won’t get one.”