The leading sires in the NCHA Super Stakes. • Photo by Cam Essick.

Top 15: Leading NCHA Super Stakes Open, Non-Pro & Amateur Sires

Part of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Triple Crown, the Super Stakes annually showcases offspring by the top sires in the cutting horse industry.

All-time leading cutting sire High Brow Cat is the leading sire in NCHA Super Stakes history with more than $7.8 million in progeny earnings at the show (all divisions combined), according to Equi-Stat. Breaking the rankings down by division — the Open, Non-Pro and Amateur — provides a snapshot of which bloodlines shine in more than one area.

The Amateur rankings at the show, which is going on through April 17 at Will Rogers Memorial Center, also provide a look into what bloodlines have been strong in recent years, as the Amateur and Unlimited Amateur are the most recent divisions to be added to the show’s lineup.

The NCHA Super Stakes leading sires by overall and by division going into the 2021 show, according to Equi-Stat:

Leading NCHA Super Stakes Sires (all divisions)

RankStallion PedigreeTotal $$$
1High Brow Cat (High Brow Hickory x Smart Little Kitty x Smart Little Lena)$7,830,897
2Dual Rey (Dual Pep x Nurse Rey x Wyoming Doc)$5,164,305
3Smart Little Lena (Doc O’Lena x Smart Peppy x Peppy San)$3,343,803
4Metallic Cat (High Brow Cat x Chers Shadow x Peptoboonsmal)$3,148,460
5Smooth As A Cat (High Brow Cat x Shes Pretty Smooth x Wheeling Peppy)$2,775,055
6Dual Pep (Peppy San Badger x Miss Dual Doc x Doc’s Remedy)$2,773,572
7Peptoboonsmal (Peppy San Badger x Royal Blue Boon x Boon Bar)$2,488,653
8Peppy San Badger (Mr San Peppy x Sugar Badger x Grey Badger III)$2,430,458
9Freckles Playboy (Jewel’s Leo Bars x Gay Jay x Rey Jay)$2,324,488
10Doc’s Hickory (Doc Bar x Miss Chickasha x Chicasha Mike)$1,667,440
11Doc O’Lena (Doc Bar x Poco Lena x Poco Bueno)$1,600,998
12CD Olena (Doc O’Lena x CD Chica San Badger x Peppy San Badger)$1,392,537
13One Time Pepto (Peptoboonsmal x One Time Soon x Smart Little Lena)$1,283,216
14Docs Stylish Oak (Doc’s Oak x Docs Stylish x Doc’s Prescription)$1,106,128
15Grays Starlight (Peppy San Badger x Doc’s Starlight x Doc Bar)$1,059,267

Leading Open Sires

RankStallionPerformersAverage $$Total Open $$
1High Brow Cat312$16,349$5,100,801
2Dual Rey160$18,693$2,990,920
3Smart Little Lena172$12,079$2,077,522
5Metallic Cat94$16,571$1,557,678
6Peppy San Badger129$11,699$1,509,141
7Dual Pep84$17,393$1,461,007
8Freckles Playboy124$10,424$1,292,621
9Smooth As A Cat86$13,851$1,191,143
10Doc O’Lena98$11,821$1,158,442
11Doc’s Hickory88$11,827$1,040,783
12Doc’s Stylish Oak38$20,437$776,621
13One Time Pepto46$15,823$727,842
14Spots Hot23$24,540$564,418
15Doc Quixote34$15,747$535,402

Leading Non-Pro Sires

RankStallionPerformersAverage $$Total Non-Pro $$
1High Brow Cat198$11,434$2,264,015
2Dual Rey143$11,123$1,590,535
3Dual Pep110$10,466$1,151,232
4Smart Little Lena115$9,806$1,127,694
5Smooth As A Cat103$10,840$1,116,567
6Freckles Playboy89$11,016$980,401
7Metallic Cat89$10,831$931,508
8Peppy San Badger97$8,843$857,796
9CD Olena61$12,830$782,624
11Doc’s Hickory60$9,630$577,792
12Grays Starlight39$13,340$520,253
13Doc O’Lena38$11,126$422,781
14Dual Smart Rey29$14,446$418,923

Leading Amateur Sires

RankStallionPerformersAverage $$Total Amateur $$
1Metallic Cat103$6,400$659,274
2Dual Rey87$6,700$582,950
3Smooth As A Cat83$5,631$467,345
4High Brow Cat122$3,820$466,082
5High Brow CD37$7,150$264,546
7One Time Pepto36$4,559$164,116
8Dual Pep53$3,044$161,334
9Smart Little Lena63$2,200$138,588
10Hes A Peptospoonful27$4,249$114,729
12Reys Dual Badger12$9,178$110,130
13Spots Hot24$4,550$109,191
14Woody Be Tuff16$6,207$99,314
15Kit Kat Sugar13$2,907$93,321