Classic Equine Stud Breeding Boots

Sponsored by Classic Equine

Your stallion is extremely valuable and not to mention, the epicenter of your horse business. Unfortunately, the rigors of repeatedly mounting a dummy and collection can leave his legs sore and tender—especially on the insides of his knees and forelegs. Whether he’s a veteran breeding animal or a freshman stallion, this discomfort can cause him to hesitate or resent his job. And if he’s still competing or doing work on the ranch, this soreness can limit his use.

While you might’ve made do with products designed for other purposes to keep your stallion comfortable, such as taping up a makeshift splint boot or vet wrapping a knee boot, you now have an option designed specifically for your breeding stallion. This boot’s purpose is to stay in place and keeps your stud’s lower limbs protected. Classic Equine developed the Stud Breeding Boots specially to keep studs comfortable, safe, and happy to perform their jobs.

Stallion mounted on block using stud breeding boots

The Classic Equine Stud Breeding Boots come in one standard size and are sold in pairs for $99, a terrific price when compared to your stud’s value. They’re made of durable black neoprene to withstand the rigors of repetitive use during the breeding season. The textured insides provide a slight grip, and internal padding protects the insides of your stud’s knees to prevent rubbing and chafing that can come from the dummy. The boots’ two top hook-and-loop straps are designed to be longer for an extended fit around the upper-knee joint. Three shorter hook-and-loop straps extend to the bottom of the boots to keep them in place—no sliding down the legs—and provide support.

“This is the first boot I’ve seen that covers the entire knee,” said one breeding manager. “Many studs knock their knees on the dummy, especially young ones, which causes them to hesitate to mount the dummy. This boot eliminates the need to rig a splint boot, which doesn’t really work for this purpose in the long run.”

By using the Classic Equine Stud Breeding Boots, you put your stallion’s comfort first and prevent injury, which helps him have a better attitude about his job and gives you peace of mind that you are protecting your investment and his future.