Solid Paint-Bred horses that do not have the qualifying white exhibited by this horse may still qualify for APHA Regular Registry status under a new rule that goes into effect in April, 2021. • Photo by Molly Montag.

Some Solid-Bred Paints Now Eligible for Regular Registry

A new rule approved by the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) will allow some solid-colored horses currently only eligible for Solid Paint-Bred status to qualify for Regular Registry.

A rule change passed by state directors at the 2021 APHA Convention in February now provides eligible solid-colored Paint Horses with a new way to qualify for Regular Registry status. This rule—recommended by the Breed Integrity Advisory Committee—comes in addition to the two existing registration rules already in effect, and was approved for early implementation.

The new rule — RG-020.A.1.b — goes into effect April 5, 2021. It is an option for eligible solid-colored horses that are already registered with APHA (the status change process applies) as well as new horse registrations, provided the horses meet parentage requirements.

If approved for the new status, these new solid-colored Regular Registry Paints can participate in Regular Registry classes in which they previously–  as Solid Paint-Bred or, as it was formerly called, Breeding Stock Paints –  could not compete.

The New Rule: RG-020.A.1.b

The rule states: “Any foal who does not otherwise meet the color requirements of RG-070.A-G and results from an APHA-registered sire to an APHA-registered dam, at least one of which is Regular Registry, with the foal having at least three generations of Paint bloodlines on one side beginning with the foal’s parents, will be registered in the Regular Registry with a pattern type listed as solid.”

The new RG-020.A.1.b rule proves a pathway to Regular Registry for solid Paints who meet specific requirements and are the product of qualified Paint breeding. Once confirmed by APHA staff, these horses will be included in the APHA Regular Registry with a pattern type listed as “solid,” and they will be eligible to compete in Regular Registry APHA classes at approved competitions.

If a horse does not qualify for the Regular Registry through existing means—via qualifying white markings or through presence of eligible Paint pattern genetics and qualifying traits (in addition to APHA parentage requirements)—the new RG-020.A.1.b rule might allow that horse to earn Regular Registry status if the following conditions are met:

  • The solid horse in question has two APHA-registered parents (sire and dam)
  • The solid horse in question has at least one APHA Regular Registry parent (sire or dam)
  • The solid horse in question has at least three connected generations of APHA-registered horses on at least one side of the pedigree (beginning with the foal’s sire or dam)

According to APHA officials, a horse that is the product of a solid APHA sire and solid APHA dam is not eligible for this RG-020.A.1.b. advancement.

Per the new rule, the solid horse in question must first attempt to qualify for Regular Registry through existing means in RG-070.A-G (either through qualifying markings and/or the RG-070.E genetics + trait rule). If the solid horse has a qualifying Paint trait as outlined in RG-070.G, the horse must complete full color/pattern panel testing through an APHA-approved lab and submit those results to APHA for filing before RG-020.A.1.b. will become an option. If the solid horse does not qualify for the Regular Registry through other means (including presence of a Paint pattern gene and eligible trait), the horse may then be considered for Regular Registry advancement under RG-020.A.1.b.

Does a Solid Paint-Bred Horse Qualify?

To determine if a Solid Paint-Bred horse is eligible for Regular Registry under the change, first make sure the horse meets the requirements:

  • Does the horse have two APHA-registered parents?
  • Does the horse have at least one APHA Regular Registry parent?
  • Does the horse have at least three generations of connected APHA-registered horses on at least one side of the pedigree?
  • Is the horse ineligible for APHA Regular Registry through RG-070.A–G (including completion of applicable RG-070.E color/pattern DNA testing)?

Officials say if the answer is “yes” to each of those questions, you can apply for Regular Registry status under the RG-020.A.1.b. rule for that solid Paint.

Click here for more details on the change as well as steps on how to register a Solid Paint-Bred horse as Regular Registry.