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NCHA Announces Results for New Directors

National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Directors were elected in five contested elections in Alabama, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina and North Texas.

The NCHA, which announced the results this week, said allotted Directors per district area are based on the current membership numbers as of Sept. 30 of the previous year. Directors elected will serve a term of 3 consecutive years. Elections may or may not be held in each state, region or area, based on an increase or decrease in membership and incumbent directors. 

Each of the newly elected directors will start their position in June. The election results are as followed:


  • Austin Shepard
  • Julie Beasley


  • Dan Agnew
  • Crystal DeWitt


  • Sonny Martin
  • Greg Beutenmiller
  • Joe Wes Davis

North Carolina

  • Garry Merritt

North Texas

  • Matt Gaines
  • Matt Miller
  • RL Chartier
  • Tarin Rice
  • Bruce Morine
  • Casey Green
  • Clint Allen
  • Cody Hedlund
  • Jeremy Barwick
  • Gavin Jordan
  • Rick Mowery
  • Lachlan Perks
  • Steve Oehlhof
  • Ben Roberson
  • Susan McBryde
  • Sharon Beach
  • Ken Mock