Last year, the winner of the Yellowstone Rookie Shootout won a fiberglass horse. This year, officials are cooking up another big prize. • Photo courtesy of NRBC.

Yellowstone Rookie Shootout Returns to NRBC

Officials at the National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC) say they’re cooking up something big for this year’s Yellowstone Paramount Network Rookie Shootout.

The Yellowstone Paramount Network Rookie Shootout was created to give Rookie competitors the chance to compete in the big arena during prime time at the NRBC. The shootout will return to this year’s NRBC, which is scheduled for April 18 – 25 in Katy, Texas.

The top five from both slates of Rookie competition advance to the Shootout round on Friday, April 23, just prior to the Open Classic Challenge. There, the winner of the Shootout will be presented with a custom, one-of-a-kind prize.

The first year’s prize was a custom mini golf cart, and a custom designed tack trunk was the major prize for 2019. Then things got big in 2020, with a life-sized fiberglass horse as the trophy.

“We want to continue to present a big award for a big win, and that’s what we had in 2020. The horse was a huge hit, with many people stopping for a photo opportunity,” NRBC Secretary/Treasurer Cheryl Cody said in a statement. 

What will the prize be this year? Cody said those details will be released soon.

In addition to the main trophy, all five Shootout qualifiers receive custom Yellowstone Paramount Network Rookie Shootout buckles. There is no additional fee for the Yellowstone Paramount Network Rookie Shootout, but exhibitors must be entered in both slates of Rookie classes, as Shootout qualification is based on the composite scores. 

Non-Shootout qualifiers who competed in both slates can enter the Yellowstone Paramount Network Rookie Shootout Consolation round on Sunday afternoon, April 25.

Since the Rookie Challenge began, the show has grown from having around 50 to 60 rookie participants to an amazing 130 at last year’s event.

“We appreciate Taylor Sheridan for his commitment to growing the reining industry,” Cody said. “I believe that this shootout showcasing and encouraging entry-level reiners is essential to growing our sport.”

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