PS Whizzen Colonel and Shawn Flarida won the Developing Horse Division at the 2020 National Reining Breeders Classic. * Photo courtesy of NRBC

NRBC Extends Eligibility for Developing Horse Division

The National Reining Breeders Classic has increased the earnings cap for horses eligible in its developing horse division.

Organizers of the show recently announced that the division, which was created as an opportunity for horses with limited show careers, will be open this year to horses who have earned less than $5,000 as of March 31. Previously, the division was available to horses who had earned $2,000 or less.

The division is held annually as a $10,000-added side pot during the Open Classic preliminaries. Officials say it averages 35 entries, has no additional entry fee and pays five places.

Last year, Shawn Flarida won the Developing Horse Division with PS Whizzen Colonel.

Organizers with the show said in a statement that the NRBC Board of Directors chose to extend eligibility of more horses, because modern reining shows and paying out more and more.

“This modification gives horse owners a place to compete for good money with the horses they chose not to show as three-year-olds or those who might have had an injury, or a showing error,” NRBC Board Member Dell Hendricks said in a statement posted on the NRBC Facebook page. “We saw a need for the opportunity for these horses to show against other horses in similar situations.”

In order to enter, 4-, 5-, 6-, or 7-year-old NRBC enrolled horses must also be entered in the Open Classic. Visit for more details on the Developing Horse Division.