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Four Sixes Ranch Introduces Chuck Wagon Chili

Over the past nine months, the Four Sixes Ranch, together with Dr. Ranzell “Nick” Nickelson II of The Meat Board, an exclusive premium butcher shop, developed the seasoning mix for the Four Sixes Chuck Wagon Chili. The result is a product exemplifying all the product selection standards of the ranch–– genuine, original, functional, and iconic.

True to its reputation for quality Angus beef, the ranch intends to create a hearty dish that serves a wholesome helping of life on the ranch. Simple cooking instructions, as well as nutritional facts, are provided on the back of each four-ounce package, making the appetizing meal quick and easy for any level of cook.

Dr. Nick is well experienced in his field, combining 12 years in teaching and research in the meat industry, with more than 30 years in food quality among national brands. An award-winning chili competitor himself, Nickelson declared the Four Sixes Chuck Wagon Chili unique. What sets it apart? “The texture, color, heat level, and overall flavor. It’s Terlingua worthy,” the expert described. The key to achieving the ideal Chuck Wagon Chili, Nickelson feels, is using two pounds of lean, high quality ground beef.

Adorning the front of the Chuck Wagon Chili package is the widely-known painting of the iconic 6666 chuck wagon by famed western artist, Tom Ryan. The image captures real, working ranch cowboys, and offers viewers an authentic glimpse into life spent on the range. 

A staple dish among the pioneers and cowboys of the 1800s, chili originated among the vaqueros in northern Mexico and southern Texas. Four Sixes Chuck Wagon Chili is an original, hand-crafted, ranch-inspired product that reflects the long heritage of working ranch families at the Four Sixes Ranch.

Dr. Nick feels the Four Sixes Chuck Wagon Chili is a great foundation to build from. By adding more heat or tasty toppings, any cook can create their own personal “brand” of chuck wagon chili.

This gluten-free product is currently available for $5 a package at the Four Sixes Supply House in Guthrie, online at, and at The Meat Board in Fort Worth located at 6314 Camp Bowie Boulevard. To sample the tasty dish, try the “Doggone Good Hotdog” or a bowl of chili, both currently featured on The Meat Board’s menu. Four Sixes Ranch will also provide the chili mix at wholesale to select retailers. To inquire about the wholesale program, reach out by email to [email protected]


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