. • Photo by Molly Montag.

American Youth Horse Council Releases Symposium Workshop List

Registration is open for the 44th Annual American Youth Horse Council Symposium, an event designed help adults and student leaders in the horse industry come together to learn, network, share ideas and grow the youth segment of the industry.

This year’s event will be March 4-6. It will be held virtually.

Tickets are $124 through Feb. 4. Starting Feb. 5, the cost is $149. Discounts are available for members of the American Youth Horse Council.

The 2021 event will boast many nationally respected presenters assembled to share their keys to successful youth horse programming and horse management. Workshops include the following topics:

  • Follow the Horse’s Lead
  • Suffering From Burnout: Give ‘Em the F.I.N.G.E.R philosophy
  • Open The Barn Door for ALL Youth by Including Those with Disabilities
  • The Monsters Within: A Spooky Guide to Parasites
  • FUN-ctional Riding: Using Patterns to Enhance Youth Engagement and Rider Effectiveness
  • What Does Equine Research Mean to Me?
  • Can Your Facts Pass a Soundness Exam? How to be a Better Consumer of Online Information and Avoid Sharing Lame Information
  • Beyond Exploration: Opportunities to Elevate Your Experiences
  • Horseless Campers: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Hosting Horseless Summer Camps
  • Why an Equine Degree? Explore the Possibilities
  • Forage Myths and Truths: How to Manage Your Horse Pasture
  • Unique Equine Liability Risks Involving Minors –  What They Are and How to Protect Yourself
  • Keep it Positive – Reinforcing & Rewarding Ways to Overcome Challenges with Your Horse
  • Why Rider’s Mental and Physical Fitness Is So Important, And How to Obtain Both
  • We Did It Virtually – Tips and Tricks for Successfully Transitioning to Virtual Programming

The goal of the symposium is to provide attendees with tools to teach youth about safe and effective horsemanship. This non-breed specific, interactive curriculum presents equine knowledge that transfers from the book to the barn and beyond. Visit for complete list of speakers, workshop descriptions and registration information.