Rein Stops — The Secrets To Attaching These Important Pieces of Equipment

Running martingales help horses learn collection. They do so, says Dennis Moreland of Dennis Moreland Tack, by helping each individual horse learn where to carry its head to allow it to use its body to drive from behind.

Running martingales have 4 parts: the neck strap, the cinch strap, the rein straps with rings and the safety hobble strap. While you’re using your martingale, you want to make sure your rein ends do not become entangled in the martingale’s rein strap rings. An easy and inexpensive way to stay safe, is by always using rein stops with a running martingale.

Rein stops are round pieces of thick leather or other stiff material with a slot for a rein in the center. They are placed on each rein just below the rein end or water loop when riding with a martingale. Rein stops will help to keep you safe by preventing the rings on the martingale rein straps from getting lodged on the rein ends. If the rings become lodged the horse’s head will be trapped in an over-flexed position. It may panic and rear in an attempt to free itself from the pressure of the trapped rings holding its head.

Follow along in the video to learn an easy, quick way to attach Rein Stops to your split or continuous reins to prevent any entanglement with the rings on the martingale.

  1. Always check the size of the rings on the martingale to ascertain they are smaller than the rein stops.
  2. Remove the rein ends from your reins. It is a lot easier to attach rein stops at the bit end of the reins because the tail ends are heavier than the bit ends so the rein stops will not slide on the tail ends easily.
  3. If you have a hammer handy, tap the rein end to flatten it slightly. This makes attaching the rein stops easier, but it is not mandatary.
  4. Expand the slot slightly in each rein stop with a large pair of needle nose pliers.
  5. Slide each end of a piece of string (any heavy string including hay string will work) through the holes on the end of each rein.
  6. Slide the end of the bottom string through the top hole in each rein so there are 2 string ends coming out of the top hole, 1 in each direction.
  7. Lace both ends of the string through the rein stop and pull on the ends of the string while pushing the rein stop into position on the rein.
  8. Attach the rein ends and you’re ready to ride.

Remember to always check that your rein stops are larger in diameter than your martingale’s rein rings. Rein stops are inexpensive and easy to install, can be left on the reins when you’re not using a martingale, and may prevent a serious accident.

Dennis Moreland Tack offers Reins Stops made of heavy leather that is 2 inches in diameter. The slots are cut small enough that the Rein Stops will not slide down your reins. We also offer a variety of handmade running martingales . All are designed to help with proper head positioning. For assistance with reins stops, running martingales or any question on tack write [email protected] or call 817-312-5305.

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