• Photo courtesy of UC Davis.

UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory Earns Distinction

The UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) recently earned an accreditation given to facilities that display a high level of quality.

Bestowed by the American National Standards Institute National Accreditation Board (ANAB), the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation earned by the UC Davis VGL is the highest level of accreditation available to testing laboratories, officials say.

The lab located near Sacramento, California, offers several genetic testing services used by the Western performance horse industry, such as the 5-panel testing that screens for diseases such as HERDA and, more recently, it began offering a test for the MYH1 genetic mutation that can cause the muscle disease Immune-Mediated Myositis (IMM).

According to its website, ANAB is the largest multi-disciplinary accreditation body in the western hemisphere, with more than 2,500 organizations accredited in approximately 80 countries.

“Earning this accreditation is the result of a dedicated effort by everyone at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory and is confirmation by an external body that the operations of VGL meet the highest quality standards,” said Christina Lindquist, MS, associate director of forensics and quality manager, who led the laboratories accreditation endeavors. “As part of the accreditation process, ANAB accessors evaluated our procedures and our ability to perform precise and accurate testing, and accreditation means we have met the highest of standards in the industry.”   

ISO/IEC 17025 is the specific international standard for which VGL is now accredited and specifies the requirements for competency to carry out its high-quality, accurate laboratory testing. The accreditation sets the standard for the laboratory’s general operational management and quality control relating to genetic testing.

The UC Davis VGL has more than 60 employees.

“The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory has long been recognized as a leader in genetics testing,” stated Dr. Rebecca Bellone, VGL director. “However, being accredited through ANAB and to ISO/IEC 17025 reaffirms that VGL operates under the highest standard. We will be regularly accessed by this accrediting board, so our clients can be confident in the genetic testing services we provide. I am proud of our team for reaching this milestone and for the work they do every day to ensure we are providing exceptional animal genetics testing services that are helping to advance the health of animals.”