Two teams from Oklahoma took home top honors at the AQHA Collegiate Horse Judging Contest. Oklahoma State, above, won the Senior Team championship. • Photo courtesy of American Quarter Horse Association Journal.

Oklahoma Teams Win Big in AQHA Collegiate Horse Judging Contest

Two teams from the state of Oklahoma took home the top honors at the 2020 AQHA Collegiate Horse Judging Contest at the Farnam AQHA World Show.

Oklahoma State won the Senior College division at the contest, which was held during the 2020 Farnam AQHA World Show in Oklahoma City. Northeastern Oklahoma’s team claimed the title in the Junior College division.

Top individual winners were Jenna Scali, of Oklahoma State University, in the Senior College division and Jewel Bibelheimer, of Northeastern Oklahoma, in the Junior College division.  

Competitors came from schools across the country for the chance to earn the AQHA world champion collegiate horse judging team title and prizes. The AQHA World Championship Collegiate Judging Contest took place Nov. 9 at the OKC Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Contestants judged halter and performance classes.

Top 5 Senior College Teams

  1. Oklahoma State Petes
  2. West Texas A&M
  3. Oklahoma State Pokes
  4. University of Nebraska
  5. Colorado State Green

Top 5 Senior College Invidual

  1. Janna Scali, of OSU Black
  2. Hannah Tweed, of Oklahoma State Petes
  3. Elena Chapa, of West Texas A&M
  4. Holly Beringer, of Oklahoma State Petes
  5. Kathlyn Hauxwell, of University of Nebraska

Top 5 Junior College Teams

  1. Northeastern Oklahoma Gold
  2. Northeastern Oklahoma Blue
  3. Cloud
  4. Clarendon
  5. Northeastern Oklahoma Individual

Top 5 Junior College Individuals

  1. Jewel Bibelheimer, of Northeastern Oklahoma Gold
  2. Hanna Cain, of Northeastern Oklahoma Gold
  3. Bailey McAlister, of Northeastern Oklahoma Blue
  4. Mikayla South, of Northeastern Oklahoma Gold
  5. Shianne Votava, of Northeastern Oklahoma Blue

Top 5 Limited Team

  1. Texas A&M
  2. Texas A&M
  3. University of Nebraska
  4. Texas Tech
  5. Texas Tech

Top 5 Limited Individual

  1. Saryn Paulsen, Texas A&M
  2. Clayton Elbel, Texas A&M
  3. Alyssa Waits, University of Nebraska
  4. Jonn Golammer, Texas Tech
  5. Iris Baker, Texas Tech

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