Accomplished reining horse Inferno Sixty Six leads the way for freshman sires going into the NRHA Futurity. * Photo by Waltenberry.

Inferno Sixty Six Leads NRHA Futurity Freshman Sires Pack

Years of work goes into selecting, breeding, raising and training a young horse with the goal of being competitive at the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity. Stallion owners wait anxiously to see how their studs’ first foal crop will perform under the bright lights of the Jim Norick arena. A top-notch showing will fill their young stallions’ books, while a mediocre futurity result may leave them saying “maybe next year.”

But in accordance with human nature, optimism rules. There will always the chance their freshman sire bursts through the ranks of reiners and slides into the history books. The race to stallion stardom must begin somewhere, and for many freshman stallions the fun begins Thursday, November 26 at the NRHA Futurity.

Aptly placed on Thanksgiving, gratitude will surely radiate throughout the industry for the ability to gather, compete, and enjoy a sense of normalcy as some of the finest reiners compete for NRHA’s most coveted prize. 

Inferno Sixty Six has set the first-year sire ranks ablaze with 23 Futurity entries spread between the Open and Non-Pro draws. The 2012 stallion already boasts $49,771 in offspring earnings — a total that does not yet include his progeny’s winnings at the Southwest Reining Horse Association Futurity — and leads the freshman sire pack ahead of the biggest show of the year. His most accomplished progeny going into the NRHA Futurity are Gangsta Sixtysix, Blue Inferno, Gunna Whoa and Smokin 66.

Stallion Gangsta Sixtysix is his father’s first Level 4 Open futurity champion having won the title at the recent Southwest Reining Futurity Association Futurity with his sire’s former pilot, Franco Bertolani for owner Helga Smith Quarter Horses.

Blue Inferno is a stallion owned by Story Book Stables who boasts $12,211 in earnings, according to Equi-Stat. A majority of his winnings were achieved with Arno Honstetter at the Best of the West Futurity.

In hot pursuit is Gunna Whoa, a stallion owned by Stephany Monteleone and Martin Bonneson who earned $11,614 in the Friends of Reining Futurity with rider Todd Sommers. 

Next is Smokin 66, a mare owned by Lance Griffin who found success at the Friends of Reining Futurity, earning $5,208 with Martin Larcombe. 

The Inferno progeny aim to follow in their sires hoofsteps, which include a Reserve Championship at the NRHA Futurity in the Level 4 Open, Finalist showings at the National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC), the NRHA Derby and American Quarter Horse of America (AQHA) World Championship Show, and a hefty $216,165 in lifetime earnings.  

Regardless of the outcome at the Futurity, the mere chance of a championship is enough to bring competitors from across the country. This year’s lineup is a roster of accomplished show horses hoping to make their mark as stallions.

To qualify as a 2020 freshman sire, a stallions’ first American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) foal crop must have been registered in 2017, making 2020 the first opportunity for these stallions to go from newcomers to bona fide producers. 

Below is a list of stallions with 3-year-olds from their first foal crop entered in the NRHA Futurity Open or Non-Pro draws.

*Note: Progeny earnings do not include the Southwest Reining Horse Association Futurity show.

Inferno Sixty Six

Pedigree: 2012 (Gunnatrashya x Snip O Gun x One Gun)
Show Earnings: $216,165
Progeny Earnings: $49,771 
NRHA Futurity Entries: 23

  • Gangsta Sixtysix (out of Rush N Cat x Little Rush)
  • Dantes Inferno 66 (out of Sunset Whiz x Topsail Whiz)
  • Smokin 66 (out of Nuthin Chic x Smart Chic Olena)
  • Route Sixty 6 (out of Fille Code x Electric Code
  • Shiney Inferno (out of Scats Ebony Shiner x Smart Shiner)
  • Inferno Zen (PT) (out of CR Fancy Chex (PT) x A Master Plan(PT))
  • Gunna Whoa (out of Whoawhiz x Topsail Whiz)
  • That Girl Is On Fire (PT) (out of Desert Rosebud (PT) x Like A Diamond (PT))
  • Blue Inferno (out of Showtimes Lil Step x Wimpys Little Step)
  • Milkman Sixty Six* (out of Dream Olena Chic x Magnum Chic Dream)
  • Starfire Sixty Six (out of Wind Her Up Chic x Smart Chic Olena)
  • Infernos Ember (out of Golden Secret Weapon x Easy Hollywood Buck)
  • Katniss Custom Fire (out of Custom Whizper x Custom Crome)
  • Shining Inferno (Out of Win My Shine x Shining Spark)
  • Bandido With A Gun (out of Quarta Earl x Earl Be Nimble)
  • Cee Mi Diablo (out of Brennas Cee x Brennas Jac)
  • Infernos Whizn Toglo (out of Shinedup Whizn Toglo x Topsail Whiz)


  • Lady Infernofourosix (out of Lady Smoke Peppy x Mister Dual Pep)
  • Gunnabeawimpyinferno (out of Joe Mamas Wimpy x Wimpys Little Step)
  • Genuine 66 (out of Skeets Genuine Miss x Skeets Peppy)
  • Sixtysix Pac (out of Chexy In Jewels x Bueno Chexinic)
  • Spinferno (out of Shining Survivor x Shining Spark)
  • Marvelous Sixtysix (out of Peppy Chic Finale x Peppy Chic Olena)

In Like Flinn

Pedigree: 2010 (Topsail Whiz x Nestle Quik Chic x Chocolate Chic Olena)
Show Earnings: $188,525
Progeny Earnings: $4,991
NRHA Futurity Entries: 2

  • ILF Thischicsaflinn (out of Sanger Stick x Peppier Gray)


  • Savethlastdanceforme (out of ARC Gunna Mark Ya x Gunnatrashya)

Mr Electric Spark

Pedigree: 2009 (Jacs Electric Spark x Sailin Rowdy x Rowdy Yankee)
Show Earnings: $102,740
Progeny Earnings: $1,036
NRHA Futurity Entries: 1

  • Mr Electric Spook (out of Whizin Off Spooks x Smart Spook)

Heavy Duty Chex

Pedigree: 2011 (Nu Chex To Cash x Rondas Tio x Teninolena Badger)
Show Earnings: $143,801
Progeny Earnings: $841
NRHA Futurity Entries: 1

  • Heavy Duty Nic (out of Brooksinic Sis x Brooksinics Badger)

HS Hollywood Whiz

Pedigree: 2009 (Bar Top Sailor x Annie Dun Did It x Hollywood Dun It)
Show Earnings: $7,842
Progeny Earnings: $192
NRHA Futurity Entries: 1

  • Salute The Brass (out of A Poco Bueno Dunit by Hollywood Dun It)

Ruff Spook

Pedigree: 2009 (Smart Spook x Ruffle Me Up x Lil Ruf Peppy)
Show Earnings: $72,076
Progeny Earnings: $0
NRHA Futurity Entries: 2

  • Colonel Ruff Spook (out of Smoking Gypsy Rose x Colonels Smoking Gun)
  • Ruff Spark (out of Annies Lil Spark x Shining Spark)

Hollywood Nterprise

Pedigree: 2012 (Brennas Golden Dunit x Kings Little Taylor x Jessies Remedy
Show Earnings: $0
Progeny Earnings: $0
NRHA Futurity Entries: 1

  • Electric Sparkles (out of Jacs Twisted Sister x Jacs Electric Spark)

* Milkman Sixty Six (by Inferno Sixty Six) is listed in the NRHA Futurity Open draw, but is not listed in the AQHA or APHA registration database.