The NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open freshman sire list is lead, entry-wise, by Smooth Talkin Style. The stallion, pictured winning the NCHA Super Stakes with Lloyd Cox, has 8 entries in the Open division. • Photo by Dawn Baxstrom.

Freshman Sires Make NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Debut

As all eyes turn to the Will Rogers Coliseum tomorrow (Oct. 10) for the opening day of the 2020 National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Snaffle Bit Futurity, freshman sire owners will be watching anxiously to see if their years of hard work and faith in their stallion will pay off. 

This year, 11 freshman sires will be represented by offspring in the Open division of the Snaffle Bit Futurity. Leading the way, entry-wise, is National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Open Horse of the Year Smooth Talkin Style. The son of Smooth As A Cat has eight entries listed in the draw, including entrants in all divisions of the Open.

To qualify as a 2020 freshman sire, a stallions’ first American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) foal crop must have been registered in 2017, making 2020 the first opportunity for these stallions to go from newcomers to bona fide producers. 

Quarter Horse News compiled a list of the freshman sires in this year’s Futurity Open, highlighting each stallion’s pedigree, show earnings, progeny earnings so far and his entries in the Snaffle Bit Futurity Open. Progeny earnings on this list reflect those that were entered in Equi-Statas of Oct. 7.

Freshman Sires in the 2020 Snaffle Bit Futurity Open (listed by number of entries):

Smooth Talkin Style
Pedigree: Smooth As A Cat x Stylish Play Lena x Docs Stylish Oak           
Show earnings: $305,284
Progeny earnings: $93,255
Open Entries: 8

  • Kual N Smooth Talkin 17G (out of Kual Dual x Dual Pep) 
  • SJR Talkin Shine 17S (out of Shining Juliet x Shining Spark)
  • SJR Talkin Diamonds 17S (out of x Shiners Diamond Girl x Shining Spark) 
  • Smooth Outta Style 17G (out of x Dualin Curly Pep x Dual Pep) 
  • CR Talkin Tuff 17G (out of CR Tuff Hearted Cat x Woody Be Tuff
  • This Cats Atalker 17M (out of Meradas Sly Cat x That Sly Cat) 
  • Talkin Cheap 17G (out of Flash About x Purdy Boy Flash)
  • Dual Smooth Talker 17S (out of Dual Reys Belle x Dual Rey) 


CD Dyna Cee    
Pedigree: CD Lights x ARC Dyna Cee x ARC Matt Olena
Show Earnings: $26,964
Progeny earnings: $2,576
Open Entries: 4

  • HQ Light Up Topsail 17S (out of Music N Jewels x Topsail Cody) 
  • HQ Blondesroverrated 17M (out of Bound To White Chex x Helluva Chex) 
  • HQ Lucky N Lights 17G (out of Gunna Be Lucky x Gunna Smoke) 


Call Me Mitch               
Pedigree: Metallic Cat x Miss Hickory Hill x Docs Hickory
Show Earnings: $200,728
Progeny earnings: $6,493
Open Entries: 2

  • Son Of A Mitch 17G (out of Jackies Sparkle x Nic It In The Bud)
  • Quit Your Mitchin 17G (out of Masters Nu Fox x Master Merada)


Mister Smarts           
Pedigree: Mister Dual Pep x Cowgirls Are Smart x Smart Chic Olena         
Show Earnings: $40,764
Progeny earnings: $0
Open Entries: 2

  • Suddenly Smarts 17M (out of Suddenly Shiney x Shining Spark)
  • Pats Smart Quixote 17M (out of Quixote From Heaven x Heavens Little Lena)


Pedigree: Metallic Cat x The Smart Look x Smart Little Lena                                  
Show Earnings: $200,292
Progeny earnings: $16,323
Open Entries: 2

  • CWR Sanntonio 17S (out of Surfin Calie x Cat Ichi)
  • SCR King Of The Road 17S (out of SCR Crackin Light x Boonlight Dancer)


Bowmans Metallic Cat  
Pedigree: Metallic Cat x Bowmans Fancy Jewel x Lenas Jewel Bars
Show Earnings: $35,378
Progeny earnings: $638
Open Entries: 1

  • BMC Metallic Gem 17M (out of Cattys Gem x Catty Starlight) 


Metallic Masterpiece
Pedigree: Metallic Cat x Kings Masterpiece x Peppy San Badger
Show Earnings: $73,359
Progeny earnings: $4,026
Open Entries: 1

  • Mile Hi Masterpiece 17G (out of Hi Flying Chick 7691 x Sky High Leo) 


Metallic Spark                      
Pedigree: Metallic Cat x Shiney Lil Miss x Shining Spark
Show Earnings: $2,823
Progeny earnings: $111
Open Entries: 1

  • Loves Metallic Spark 17M (out of Pastels Doc Hickory x The Love Man)


Pedigree: High Brow CD x Stylish Play Lena x Docs Stylish Oak
Show Earnings: $3,389
Progeny earnings: $0
Open Entries: 1

  • La Patroan 17M (out of Miss N Lil Hickory x Lil Bit O Hickory) 


Reyzin The Cash       
Pedigree: Dual Rey x Spookys Cash x Miss N Cash             
Show Earnings: $278,766
Progeny earnings: $82,244
Open Entries: 1

  • Got The Money Hunny 17M (out of Charmed For Sure x Smart Little Lena) 


Snipers Smoking Gun          
Pedigree: Colonels Smoking Gun [Gunner] x Miss Starlight Smoke x Grays Starlight
Show Earnings: $34,656
Progeny earnings: $459
Open Entries: 1

  • Extra Sharp Shooter 17M (out of Extra Dry Dazzle x Extra Dry Chex)